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Retro Doll Pajama Bag: {Sewing Pattern} :

Retro Doll Pajama Bag: {Sewing Pattern}

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Picture of Pajama Bag -


Size: 44″ long


  • 36″ cotton: 1 yard print for body and cosmetic bag, 1/2 yard rose, scrap of purple
  • scraps of rose, white, turquoise felt
  • 14″ neckline zipper
  • 2 buttons
  • 2 snaps
  • 12″ chain
  • medium-weight cotton yarn
  • starch
  • stuffing for arms, legs and head
  • turquoise ribbon

Use 1/2″ seams except on zipper.


  • For body pattern, which includes seam allowances, draw a right-angle triangle 8 3/4″ wide at base and 20″ high. Fold print fabric, place 20″ pattern edge on fold and cut body back. Adding 5/8″ zipper seam allowance at 20″ edge, cut 2 body fronts. Sew zipper to front, about 1″ above bottom seam allowance.
  • For legs, cut one 13″ x 25″ rose piece; machine-applique nine 5/8″ x 13″ purple strips 1 3/4″ apart. Cut appliqued fabric in half lengthwise. Following photograph, applique print slippers about 4″ long to half of each leg at one end. For arms, cut two 5 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ strips. Fold legs and arms in half lengthwise, right sides in; seam, rounding one end of arms and slipper end of legs and leaving other end open. Turn and stuff. Sew straps and buttons to slippers.
  • For head, cut two 9 1/2″ diameter circles. Applique purple mouth and 2 1/2″ diameter pink cheeks. For eyes, stitch 7/8″ blue circles to 1″ white circles.Fold blue lids with lashes at an angle and stitch on. Sew on eyes. Seam head pieces, leaving 3″ opening. Turn head and stuff.
  • To assemble, pin legs to body front about 5 1/2″ from corners; pin arms 12″ above corners. With right sides together, seam back to front; turn. Insert body into head opening; machine-applique neck to body.
  • For curls, wind yarn around broom handle; apply starch and let dry. Remove from broom handle; cut curls desired length and tack around side seam and across back of head. Add bow.

For cosmetic bag, cut 7″ x 16″ print strip. Fold over 4″ at one end, right sides together, for double flap. Seam sides; clip seam allowances and turn. Hem other end of strip. Turn in side seam allowances, fold up 4″ and topstitch seams. Attach snaps and 12″ chain to bag.

Source: Woman’s Day Magazine (1960′s)

Published: August 23, 2007
Updated: October 8, 2010
Filed: Crafts, Sewing

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