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MADE: TUTORIAL: Candy Bags (zippered pouch)
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TUTORIAL: Candy Bags (zippered pouch)

Growing up in a large family, specialty foods were rare. So for Christmas each year one our gifts was a food item.....and we didn''t have to share it with anyone. Dreamy.
I decided to carry on that tradition with our family and made Candy Bags! Personalized to each member and filled with their favorite candy, they made the perfect stocking stuffers.

The zippered pouch concept is simple. I added a few twists/embellishments which will be shown in the tutorial here. But if you''re looking for the basics, just leave it simple and omit the ruffle, pleather fish, vinyl, etc. Then fill them with candy, toys, or even snacks for the movie. Little zipper pouches are easy to make and once you get going, you may become addicted.

Skill Level: Beginner
* Two fabrics (2 rectangles of each, cut 8x6 inches or 10x6 inches - or any desired length)
* Zipper: 7-inch or 9-inch
* Vinyl (optional)
* Pleather (for Fish)
* Additional embellishments

The two pouches explained in this tutorial are:
* The Ruffled Pouch * The Fish Bag

Ruffled Pouch:
Filled with Reese''s Peanut Butter Cups, this bag is just my flavor and style. I left the inside of the pouch simple (without vinyl) but added a girly ruffle to the outside:

Let''s get started! Pick two fabrics and pick a zipper color. The length of your zipper will determine the length of your bag. The bag can really be any size you want, but the length of your pieces should be the same length of your zipper from one end to the other (SO.... if your zipper is called a "7-inch zipper", your bag pieces should be appx 8-inches long. This will run the entire length of the zipper from end to end).
The ruffled pouch was made with a 7-inch zipper. The Fish Bag was made with a 9-inch zipper.

Using a rotary cutter or scissors, cut two rectangles of both fabrics (in this case, 8x6 inches for each piece).
I recycled a ruffle from one of Lucy''s old pillows. Make your own ruffle, use some ruffled quilt binding, or just leave your pouch plain:
If you choose to make a pouch without a ruffle, lay your INSIDE fabric right-side UP, lay the zipper on top of that and lay your OUTSIDE fabric right-side DOWN, like a sandwich:
If you''re going to add a ruffle, sandwich it right inside, on top of the zipper: