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Piece N Quilt: Figgy Christmas Tutorial


Figgy Christmas Tutorial

Figgy Christmas
finished quilt size approx 100"x100"

  Materials needed:
1 Figgy Pudding Layer Cake
1 Yard small print with white background
1/2 yard green material (for trees)
1.5 yard red material (for trees & red strips)
1/2 yard blue material (for trees & two stumps)
1/2 yard brown material (for trees & stumps
1 yard white material
3 yards blue sky material
(some materials not shown in the picture above.)

First lay out your layer cake squares as show in the image above. For the outside blocks you will cut 8 of the blocs in 1/2. For two of the corners you will cut one square in 1/4ths.

From your milk jelly roll you will cut 82 - 10" strips for your sashing.
Sew that sashing to one side of 39 of the blocks.

From your white print material you will cut 50 - 2 1/2" squares for the corner stones.
Now you will sew the corner stones into the white strips to create long pieces of sashing. Sew all of the blocks and sashing together to create the pattern in the bottom section of the quilt.

From your red material you will need approx 200" of  2.5"wide strips.

Now cut from your white material a piece that is 12" x approx. 100".
From your blue material you will need a piece that is approx. 36"x 100"
Using your 2.5" red strips you will sew the strips together to look like the image above.

From your tree materials, red, green, blue & brown you will cut out 11 random triangles to create trees. Our tallest tree was 20" and the smallest was about 6".
Using your brown and blue (blue stumps on the brown trees) create 11 random squares and rectangles for the tree stumps.

Applique the trees in a pattern similar to the above pattern.
We chose to use brown thread and a blanket stitch to applique by machine.
After applique is done then we attached this top portion

Then quilt, bind and enjoy!
(We used red material for the binding & a small white print for the backing.)
*This quilt was pieced by Whitnee North & Kathleen Whiting, machine quilting was done by Natalia Bonner%2