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Make A Soft Stacking Toy That Is Also Educational
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Soft Stacking Toy

Soft Stacking Toy Stacking toys build your baby''s hand and eye coordination. These soft stacking toys can also be educational. Make your stack toy using different colors, add numbers, and shapes to help them learn even more. Your baby will enjoy looking at the different colored rings as well as stacking them in order.

You may also add jingle bells to make them even more entertaining as hand rattles. Add some ribbon tags and they can also be teething toys. As you can see, this toy can be used for more than just for stacking. Use your imagination to make this toy your own.

Note: Use 1/8 inch seam allowances. Finished project will be about 7 inches high by 6 inches wide depending on how much the base is stuffed. The width does not include all the rings. Each is different.

To create this stacking toy, you will need the following:


Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and white felt (one sheet each except two for white)
Sewing Machine
Matching sewing thread
Basic sewing supplies
Polyester Fiberfill


Step 1: Cut out the pattern pieces as indicated using the PDF pattern here.

Step 2: Sew the pattern pieces using an 1/8 seam allowance. Make certain not to sew the centers as these will be sewn later on. Turn the pieces so right sides are visible. (See Photos A and B.)

Step 3: Stuff the base and the cone firmly. Insert cone into center circle of base and pin in place. Whip stitch cone to base. (See Photo C.)

Step 4: Stuff the rings in the same manner as the cone and base. Whip stitch the center of the rings closed. (See Photo D.) Your stack toy is now ready for the next steps. (See Photo E.)

Step 5: Grab the felt numbers and sew each number to the rings as shown. (See Photo F.)

Step 6: Grab the felt shapes and sew each shape to the base at each corner. (See Photo G.)

Step 7: You are now finished. Stack your rings in order and enjoy.

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