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Teddy Fox Pattern - Silver Seams

Teddy Fox

Teddy Fox (Five-Way Jointed Red Fox)

See photographs of some results from this pattern in the gallery.


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The Pattern

Teddy Fox 1 - Head
Teddy Fox 2 - Back and Leg
Teddy Fox 3 - Front and Arm
Teddy Fox 4 - Tail

These are just photographs of my working patterns, scribbles and all. No seam allowances are given, and some patterns are intended to be pieced from more than one color. The grid lines are 1", so the pages can be printed at 8"x10" (75 dpi). As I get time, I''ll convert these to prettier pictures. The neck joint circles aren''t pictured - they should be 2 1/4", or about 57 mm, the same size as the neck joint hardware. Look at the gallery photos for reference, and don''t hesitate to email questions.

General teddy-bear construction instructions can be found in any teddy bear making book (and in many other places on the Internet), so I won''t repeat them here.

His arms have what are sometimes called "teardrop" pawpads (though the point of the teardrop has been cut off, split, and attached to the arm pattern) - like the legs, the arm pieces are sewn together, then the pawpad is sewn in the same way as the foot pad is.

He also has a non-gathered neck joint - sew a circle of reversed or shaved mohair in the bottom of the head, and a matching one in the top of the body).

The mouth is the vaguely diamond-shaped piece between the head side and head gusset, with the lower jaw to the left. Sew the chin seam and the end of the nose before inserting the mouth.

Because the ears extend down the back of the head, rather than leaving the bottom open and ladderstitching it after turning (like conventional bear ears), sew all the way around, then cut a turning slit on the lower inside of the ear, where it will be hidden against the fox''s head. Look at pictures of real foxes for accurate positioning of the ears and eyes.