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 Capri Sun or KoolAid Jammer Pouch Checkbook | ThriftyFun

Capri Sun or KoolAid Jammer Pouch Checkbook

Craft Projects > Clothing > Bags & Purses September 06, 2005

Making crafts out of Capri Sun or KoolAid Jammer pouches can be a lot of fun. You can make cool and durable gifts. Below are instructions for making a checkbook cover that I made.

Capri Sun, Koolaid Jammer Checkbook Cover

Here''s what you''ll need:

  • 6 empty caprisun/kool-aid Jammer juice pouches
  • X-acto knife
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scrap fabric
  • Clear thick vinyl

Note: The little diagrams on the right are not exactly to scale, so your checkbook cover may look a little different.


Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 1: After the juice has been emptied (drank) use an x-acto knife to slit the bottom of the juice pouch. Clean the inside of each pouch with hot soapy water and let dry. Using the x-acto knife cut the back silver part of the Capri Sun off of the front, leave the seam attached to the front for stability. Discard the back silver part of the pouch.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 2 2: Sew two pouches together side by side overlapping so it is not too wide for the check book. When sewing it is best to do a back stitch to increase the strength of the wallet. Sew two more together overlapped to make the same width as the first two.
Juice Purse Checkbook Cover 3 3: Now sew all four together.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 4 4: Measure the length and width of the four pouches. Find a piece of fabric and cut it a little larger than those measurements for a hem. Hem the fabric, once it is hemmed it should have the same measurements as the four pouches sewn together. Now sew the lining to the inside part of the pouches.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 5 5: On one end fold 1 inch over to the inside and sew, this is a hem.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 6 6: Then fold approximately 2 3/4 inches inward again. This will show you the size your checkbook cover/wallet will be, make sure you check book fits within this before you sew it, make adjustments in how much this is folded if needed. But do not sew yet.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 7 7: Take your last two juice pouches with back removed and cut approximately 2 3/4" off the top of both of them and sew those together at the same width as everything else (approximately 6 3/4 inches). With the leftover ends of the two pouches cut one 1 3/4" and another 1 1/8". Sew the 1 1/8" to the 1 3/4" strip, lining up the two bottoms and sewing the bottom and the two sides leaving the top end open. Now sew this piece to the end that is folded inward, sew it close to the fold rather than the end where the opening of the pocket will be. This will be used as a card holder. You want the opening to face the middle of the wallet.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 8 8: Take the clear vinyl and cut it in a rectangle 4" by 2 1/2" Sew the clear vinyl to the piece measuring approx. 2 2/3" by 6 3/4" leaving one end open.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 9 9: Sew the bottom and two sides of this piece to the wallet having the opening of the clear vinyl face the middle of the wallet. This is your first pocket.
Juice Pouch Checkbook Cover 10 10: You can now fold the other side of the wallet inward and sew the two sides down, this is your second pocket. Now your checkbook cover/wallet is finished! Crafts made out of caprisun/ kool-aid jammer juice pouches are fashionable with the extra bonus of being recycled.

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By (Guest Post) 05/23/2006

This looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing it!

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By gardengranny 10/15/2005

LOVE it! Have to get the grandkids drinking more :0)

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