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Somewhat Stretchy : Muffler

Somewhat Stretchy


Something like a cloth ring doughnut for your neck.

  1. Cut a rectangle, like the scarf, but just over twice as tall as your neck, and as long as you''ll find convenient. (You don''t want to wipe off your make-up while putting it on, but you don''t want the wind whistling down your neck.)
  2. Fold along its long edge (as shown) and sew along that edge.
  3. Turn it inside out so the sewing is hidden.
  4. Sew along the two short edges to make a flat rectangle, but stop just short of the corners. (This is to make the next step easier.)
  5. Align the two short edges atop each other, so the sewing overlaps. You can either just fold the thing in half to achieve this, or for a better finish, curve it around so the two ends point in opposite directions (as shown).
  6. Pin top, middle, and bottom.
  7. Sew along the doubled edges with zig-zag (or triple zig-zag).
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