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September 24, 2007


Very simple hood and scarf combo that will save your neck, ears, and hairdo this winter. A great beginner project or gift (after you''ve made yourself that is :))
You will need about 1/2 meter each of the lining and shell fabric. The fabrics can be anything that will not be too stiff for the scarf or too uncomfortable to wear around your head and next to your skin. I recommend jersey knit, fleece, fun and faux fur, recycled sweaters, corduroy or flannel. There are many many possibilities. There is no reason why the lining has to be the same or different from the shell - its completely up to you.
The scoodies shown here is of a polyester knit (but not very stretchy) and faux fur:
Step 1:
Cut two hoodie pieces of shell fabric
Cut two hoodie pieces of lining fabric

For the hoodie shape, I highly recommend strolling over to your closet and pull out your favorite hoodie and simply tracing the shape (and adding seam allowances).
Or you can use this general shape:
For a medium adult size, try drawing a square 15" x 12.5" (for a medium child size, try 12" x 10.5") on paper and alter it to make the right shape. These measurements include a 1/2" seam allowance. I recommend here drawing your pattern and cutting two light-weight paper pieces to tape together and try on you head. Once you''ve got your size and shape down, then go cut the precious fabric.
Step 2: Cut scarf pieces.

I have no measurements here because it is entirely personal preference. However, I find piecing together a 9 foot x 4 inch scarf to be nicely wrap-able, dangley, and comfy all at once. This is a very long scarf, though, so use your judgement.

Usually the scarf must be cut in two pieces and joined together at the neck, but you may find more divisions necessary.

Step 3: Sew the hood.

Put 2 shell pieces of hood right sides together and sew the back. Do same for lining. This will give you your hood shape.

Put shell hood and lining hood right sides together and sew up front (face opening. Turn pieces right side out and top-stitch around front to keep everything neat. I also like to stitch the neck to secure the shape.

This is after seams finished, but before turning right sides out:
Step 4: Attach hood to scarf *
(at the bottom of this post is additional instructions on attaching the with spanky illustrations for the visual learners, like me)
With right sides together, sew the hood to one side of your scarf.
Step 5: Sew scarf.

Put right sides of scarf together with the hood sandwiched between and sew seams almost all the way around, leaving a gap about a foot long. Do not sew the seam opposite of where the hood is attached. In fact, you probably will not be able to sew this section because the hood will certainly interfere. This is the part where you will pull out the scarf ends and hood. Before you sew this final part up, double check the hood area for exposed stitches or tucks and such. Last chance to neaten it all up.

Turn scarf right sides out and top-stitch around edges closing up the final open seam.

Step 6: Add embellishments.

Pockets, applique, rhinestones... whatever takes your fancy.

Pockets on my daughter''s scoodie:
I welcome questions and comments!
*The Hood Attachment Demystified
(You are going to love my very professional illustrations here.)
Right side = nice side of fabric or side you want to show
Wrong side = not so nice side of fabric or side you do not want to show
These are the pieces you should have at the beginning of step 4.
Attach hood by aligning neck seam with the raw of edge of the right side of the lining scarf, with the lining material of hood face down.
Pin and sew hood to lining scarf along the raw edge.
This will look like a giant athletic cup, as my husband so wryly observed.
Time to sew scarves together. Lay the right sides of scarves together, with the hood sandwiched between.
Another view, this time with the cup in a more excited position:
Pin and stitch around the raw edges almost all the way around to make a hoodie sandwich. The opening is left so you can turn the scarf rightsides out.
Turn scarf right sides out. The hood will pop out to rest on top of the scarf now and the seams will be nicely tucked inside of the scarf.
Iron scarf neat and flat, making sure to tuck in and iron the still open side of the scarf.
Topstitch all around the edges of the scarf to close off the opening and give it a polished look.


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