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How to Make a Reversible Holiday Scarf Bandana for your Dog, sewing for your dog puppy, sewing projects for your pet
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How to Make a Reversible Holiday Scarf Bandana for your Dog.

This is an easy project to make for your favorite pup and most dogs don''t mind wearing scarves!!! Mix two of your favorite holidays that are color coordinated for best results. (Shown is Halloween and Thanksgiving)

For small dogs cut a 14" square from 2 different fabrics.  For medium size dogs cut a 18" square, for large dogs cut a 22" square, and for extra large dogs cut a 26" square.

Fold the square in half diagonally. Cut down the long end (corner to corner) to form 2 triangles.

You only need one of the triangles from each color fabric.  Keep the other for another pet scarf, or stash it away in your fabric scrap pile.

Place two different color triangles PRETTY SIDES together.  Pin around the outer edge.  Leave a 4" opening.
Stitch around the outer edge 1/4" (or using the pressure foot as your guide).  Don''t forget to leave a 4" opening.

Clip corners and trim seams.

Turn your reversible doggy bandana pretty side out. Carefully poke out the corners so they have a nice point to them.


Now the opening needs to be sewn closed.  Fold both fabrics in and pin as shown in the photo. Either sew close to the edge with a machine, or hand stitch it closed.

Your adorable doggie bandana scarf is done.  Place it on your dog and see how adorable he looks!!! Send us a photo!