Sew Your Own Blender Cover - Free Sewing Pattern

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Preview This Free Sewing Pattern: Sew Your Own Blender Cover

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Sew Your Own Blender Cover
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blender cover
Blender Cover

Sew Your Own Blender Cover

Debbie Colgrove

Needed Materials:

  • 2/3 of a yard of 45" wide fabric - For this cover I quilted a cotton calico, using natural cotton batting. See more about quilting on About Quilting or purchase pre-quilted fabric. For a stiffer cover, you may want to experiment with fusible interfacing.
  • Piping - I used 1 pkg. of Wrights® Maxi Piping
  • Double Fold Bias Tape - I used 1 pkg of Wrights® Bias Tape Extra Wide Double Fold.
  • Pattern - be sure to follow the directions on the pattern to make the complete pattern.
  • Matching Thread


Make pattern piece as instructed on the pattern piece. Cut 2 fabric pieces of that pattern piece.
Cut one piece of fabric 35" by 9". Mark the center of the 31" edges.

cutting instructions
  • Apply piping to the end sections. (For help with dealing with piping please see: Applying Piping)
  • Find the center top of the rounded end sections.
  • Match the center of the long section of fabric with the center marking on the rounded pieces. Sew the sections together from the top to the bottom edges.
    match center marks
  • Repeat for both ends of the cover. Trim off any uneven edges if necessary.
  • Apply Bias tape to the bottom edge of the cover.

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