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Head Huggers: Sewn Pattern: Hancock Fabrics Store Sewn Chemo Cap HeadHuggers.Org

Head Huggers: Sewn Pattern 1

Hancock Fabrics Store Sewn Chemo Cap

Sewn Head Hugger
Designed by: Hancock Fabrics'' Home Economists
Hat Photo
Hat Photo

Choosing an all-cotton knit makes these easy caps very comfortable on sensitive skin. Some folk state that this pattern is a tad too tight... so you may wish to increase the size of the band pieces from 17" x 21.5" to measure 17" x 22" (adding 1/2" to the circumference of the band).

Find the pattern on Hancock''s website under Free Projects: Chemo Caps.

Materials: (makes 2 (adult medium/large size)

  • 1/2 yard 60" cotton interlock knit
  • thread


(2) 17" x 21 1/2 " pieces (band) (21 1/2" is stretch of fabric)
(4) 7 1/4" circles (crown)

Directions: 1/4" seam allowance   RST - Right Sides Together

  1. RST, fold each band to measure 10 3/4" x 17". Stitch as shown. Press seam open.
    figure 1
  2. Wrong sides together, bring one end of each band through tube, matching seam and raw edges. Quarter and pin mark along doubled raw edge.
    Figure 2
  3. Lay two circles wrong sides together for each crown. Quarter and pin mark each. Matching marks, pin a crown to inside of each tube. Stitch, easing as necessary. Turn.
  4. To wear: Band may be folded up once or twice to create a comfortable fit.

See Knit Flower Pattern if you want to add the flower shown on the lower photo.