Heart Vine Hand Embroidery - Free Sewing Pattern

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Preview This Free Sewing Pattern: Heart Vine Hand Embroidery

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Heart Embroidery Pattern: Hearts On Vine Free Machine Or Hand Embroidery Pattern
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Heart Vine Embroidery Pattern

Machine or Hand Embroidery

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Hand embroidery is beautiful, and can add a decorative finish to items you have made. Embroider tote bags, aprons, pillowcases, pillows, baby burp cloths, purses, quilt blocks, etc.

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To get a copy of the heart runner image below, simply print the pdf file. The pattern should measure about 3.5" x 20". The image is split into two sections to fit onto one piece of paper. Use a copier to enlarge or shrink the pattern.

Transfer the outline of the design to your item to be embroidered using sewing tracing paper (carbon paper used for sewing).

Before you start your project, visit our Free Embroidery Lessons for a fully illustrated glossary of stitches.

free motion machine embroidery Review our free motion machine embroidery lesson. Use stabilizer and a regular sewing machine to make amazing embroidery designs. Transfer our pattern to fabric, and then use hand embroidery, free motion machine embroidery or fabric paints.

Free Motion Machine Embroidery Lesson

Our pattern downloads as a pdf file. Click on the image below to bring up the file.
heart runner
Click here for pdf file

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