Make a Broomstick Skirt from Jeans - Free Sewing Pattern

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Preview This Free Sewing Pattern: Make a Broomstick Skirt from Jeans

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What to do with old jeans, how to make a denim broom skirt, how to make a skirt
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What to do with old jeans? Going Green With Jeans...How to Recycle Your Jeans into Sewing Projects
How to make a Denim Broom Skirt


How to sew a denim broom skirt from old jeans.

Basically to make this fashion forward denim broom skirt, we will cut a pair of pants below the zipper, cut 2 or 3 long strips of fabric with each one longer in length, turn them into tubes, and add the tubes together by gathering. It''s that simple.

Cut off the bottom of your pants about 3" - 4" below the bottom of the zipper as shown in the photo to the left. 
Once you have cut your jeans, they should look like a mini skirt, as shown in the photo to the left.  Choose  fabrics you would like to use for the broom skirt part.  I decided on three very feminine floral prints.  You can just use one print 3 times if you prefer. That look is very nice too.
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Measure your hips at the widest point and then add 8" to that measurement. That will be how long your 1st strip must be.  How wide it is, is up to you.  I  made my strips 11".  For shorter skirts, you can make them 6".

Most cotton fabrics come in 48"  wide, so you may need to sew two strips together to get your complete measurements. My measurement with the extra 8 " was 56".  I used fabric that was 48" and cut a 11" strip of that.  So my fabric strip was now 11" X 48". Then I had to add 8" more to my 48" to equal my 56" so as you can see in the photo to the left, I had to sew a seam down the 11" side to get my complete strip.

Once you have your long strip the correct size (your hip measurement plus 8"), place the 11" sides PRETTY SIDES together and stitch.  You now should have one long tube.

Learn how to gather in sewing. Once you have your 1st tube, we want to gather it around the top as shown in the photo here.

For the best and easiest method of gathering click here.

Once your 1st tube is gathered, place the pretty sides together of the tube and the bottom of your denim skirt as shown in the photo here.
This will take some time.  You will want to adjust your tube so that the gathering is equal all the way around the bottom of the jeans.  Pin carefully while adjusting the gathering.  As you can see in the phot