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Bandana Pattern
Bandana Pattern
Fostering Love for Children
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Something homemade just for a child
makes them feel so special!


You will need 1 and 1/2 yard of 45" fabric. Leaving the fabric folded, fold in half and cut, giving you two approx. 22" squares. Fold the square in half across the diagonal to form two triangles and cut on fold. Cut triangles apart on the fold lines. This will give you 8 bandanas.


Bandanas make a great gift for children in foster care, especially for teens! The crazier and wilder the fabric, the better the kids love them.

On the long corners of the bandana (the ends that will be tied) cut off the corners up about 1" leaving a flat surface

Starting at the peak of the hat (part hanging down in back when wearing), fold under 1/4" , then 1/4" again to form edging. Sew along this edge to finish.




When you get near to the tie-end corners, fold up the squared off end 1/4" , the fold each side over to form a nice finished edge. Touch up with an iron and pass on to a great kid!