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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Shower''s This Weekend Baby Sweater

Pattern designed and written by Ranee Mueller

This took me about four evenings of knitting to finish. I was much interrupted by children, meal preparation, etc. I''m sure it would take less time for someone else.

2 skeins Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora
2 skeins Berroco Cotton Twist

16" long size 10 circular needles
Set of 5 double pointed needles, size 10 (or whatever size is required to achieve gauge)
You can make the whole thing on the dpns, provided they are long enough, if you don''t want to bother with two sets of needles.


14 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches in st st with both yarns held together.


Newborn to 3 months, approximately 19 inches in circumference.


CO 66 sts, join, being careful not to twist sts. Knit in seed st for the first four rounds, change to st st and knit until body measures 5 inches from beginning.

Divide for front and back, knit across 33 sts and leave remaining 33 sts on holder (or the other two dpns, if you are doing it all that way). Continue knitting, back and forth, for another three inches (piece will be 8 inches). Work 6 sts, and bind off center 21 sts, knit to end. Leave 6 shoulder sts from each side on a coilless safety pin or a small set of holders. Join yarn to sts being held and repeat for the other side.

Join shoulders using a three needle bind off. If you leave a long tail on the first side after breaking yarn continue using the working yarn on the second side, you will only have two sets of ends at the shoulders, rather than two each.

Make sleeves:

Pick up 28 sts around first armhole and join, knit in st st for 3 1/2 inches. Decrease at each end of next and every 4th round until 20 sts remain. Change to seed st and work for 4 rounds. Bind off loosely. Repeat for second sleeve. Weave in all ends.

Copyright 2006 Ranee Mueller
For Personal Use Only
You May Freely Circulate This Pattern with the Copyright Statement Preserved

I''m assuming the yarns are held together throughout?
Yes, Desiree, it is with both yarns held together. Thank you for pointing out I hadn''t said that! I corrected both patterns.
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