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Knitted Toy Box: Sweet Little Bird
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Sweet Little Bird

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

This pattern is the first pattern I ever made. As you can see its not the most advanced of patterns but it does make some really cute little birds. So feel free to make a whole flock of little birdys in a rainbow of colours. The best bit about this pattern is that it uses tiny amounts of yarn, so get using up those scrap stashes!

• Set of 3mm needles (UK size 11, US size 3)
• Yarn needle
• Toy stuffing
• Optional: safety eyes, beads, buttons or felt for features
Yarn colours
• Main colour of any choice
• Scraps of black and yellow yarn/thread if embroidering the eyes and beak
Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight
Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through
Finished measurements: 2.5” tall and 2” wide

Co 6 stitches
1.kfb into every stitch (12 sts)
3.*k1, kfb* repeat along row (18sts)
5.*k2,kfb* repeat along row (24sts)
9.*k3,kfb* repeat along row (30sts)
11 – 30 Garter stitch for 20 rows
31. *k3,k2tog* repeat along row (24sts)
32. knit
33. *k2,k2tog* repeat along row (18sts)
34. knit
35. *k1,k2tog* repeat along row (12sts)
36. knit
37. *k2tog* 6 times (6sts)
Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches.
At this stage you may want to add the eye and beak features.
Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed stopping halfway to fill with stuffing.
Once you reach cast on stitches, thread the yarn tail through, draw up the stitches
tightly and fasten off, weaving in any loose ends.

Wings (Make 2):
Co 6 sts
1.Kfb all stitches (12sts)
3.*k3, kfb* repeat along row (15sts)
5-10.Garter stitch for 6 rows
Bind off all stitches

Fold the wing in half width ways as show in the diagram below.

Sew up the open edges as shown by the red arrows in the diagram below

CO 6 sts
1. Kfb all stitches (12sts)
2. Knit
3. Kfb all stitches (24 sts)
4. Knit
Bind off all stitches

Fold in half following the instructions for the wings. Make sure the bind off edge fans out to create a semi circle shape.

Sew tail on tail to the very lower part of the back of the body. Make sure the bind off (wider) edge is on the outside and the cast on (smaller) edge is joined to the body.
Sew the wings about halfway down on the body, sew them on so that they are symmetrical, and the tail remains centered between them.

Face Features:
The bird in the pattern photograph has French knot eyes made with black yarn and a yellow beak embroidered on with yarn. This makes the toy completely safe for any child from birth as the features cannot be easily removed or fall off.

However alternative features can be:
· Small black toy safety eyes (suggested size 5 -7 mm)
· Small button eyes
· Small bead eyes
· Glue on ‘googly’ eyes
· Felt beak

** WARNING: When using any embellishments please be aware of these may be choking hazards if given to small children or babies**
♥ Raynor

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Pantha said...

How very generous to share your cute patterns. Thank you. I look forward to continue reading your blog having found you today via Fuzzy Thoughts. All the ver best.

23 April 2008 12:47  
oobinsnaffa said...

This bird is too cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern, I will be making this one for sure!

23 April 2008 17:49  
Alyoops said...

I love this! Can I link to it in my blog?