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Garter Stitch Bib - Knit an Easy Garter Stitch Bib
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Garter Stitch Bib

By Sarah E. White, Guide

Garter stitch baby bib

Garter Stitch Bib.

(c) Sarah White licensed to, Inc.

Cover-up for Baby:

I don''t think it''s possible to have too many bibs, towels and burp rags available when you''ve got a new baby in the house. Knitting these items makes for fun and easy projects that even beginners can do, and they''re incredibly useful items any mom will appreciate.

This bib is knit with durable, washable cotton for extra absorbency and durability, and in garter stitch to make a really quick project. More experienced knitters can choose a more elaborate stitch pattern, if desired, or keep it simple since it''s going to get drooled on anyway.


  • About 50 yards of 100 percent cotton, medium-weight yarn (I used Lily Sugar''n Cream in color 02713, Key Lime Pie)
  • one pair size 7 US needles
  • two size 7 US double-pointed needles
  • stitch holder
  • scissors
  • crochet hook or yarn needle


Four stitches and 8 rows per inch in garter stitch. Gauge is not critical.


Finished size is seven inches wide and six inches long, plus 10-inch ties. It should fit most babies, especially those six months and up.


  1. Cast on 30 stitches on single-pointed needles.
  2. Knit in garter stitch until piece is 6 inches long.
  3. On the next row, knit 4 stitches, bind off 22 stitches, and knit the final 4 stitches.
  4. Knit the first 4 stitches onto a double-pointed needle, then slide the remaining stitches off the needle and onto a stitch holder.
  5. Work the 4 stitches on the needle in an I-cord until the cord measures 10 inches. Bind off and cut yarn.
  6. Knit the remaining 4 stitches off the stitch holder and knit in I-cord until cord measures 10 inches. Bind off. Cut yarn.
  7. Weave in ends. Special Features

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