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Mock Cable Socks

Mock Cable Socks

Mock Cable SockCable Detail
Right: A completed sock,  Left: Detail of the mock cable patterning
Sample was knit with Woolease Sportweight in Blueberry Twist
Image courtesy Carissa Keil

Twisted stitch mock cable, a multiple of six stitches, 4 knit in the cable followed by two purls. There are five sets 3 cables in the sock, one near the top of the leg, one in the middle, one above the ankle, one on the instep 12 rows after the heel stitches are picked up, and one set quite close to the decrease for the toe. There are usually 12 rows of stitches knit in ribbing, 4 x 2 like the cable, between each set of three cables.

Yarn: Wildefoote by Brown Sheep. 2 skeins, solid color, or any solid fingering weight sock yarn
Needle: U.S. size 2 dpns (set of 4)

Gauge: 8 stitches and 11 rows per inch

My sock is 9" from top of leg to bottom of heel, and 8" long from back of heel to toe


Stitch pattern is a multiple of 6, k4 p2

Cast on 66 stitches. I keep a multiple of six stitches on each needle.

Work 4 rows in k4 p2. Mark the beginning of your round, which should be a knit stitch.

Mock Cable row: Make a twisted stitch by knitting the 4 knit stitches out of order thus:
Knit the third stitch by pulling through a loop and leaving the old stitch on the left needle, then knit the fourth, then knit the first and pull it off the needle, and knit the second stitch, transferring all new loops to the right needle and dropping all four from the left.

(In other words, lets call your 4 knit stitches to be twisted 4321 where 1 is the first stitch you would ordinarily knit if it were not a cable row. Knit the stitches in this order: 3412. Knit #3 and leave the old loop on, knit #4 and leave the old loop on, knit #1 and drop the old one, knit #2 and drop old loops from 2, 3 and 4. Then purl two stitches, and twist another set of four, and so on until the round is completed.)

Knit 4 rows in rib.

Cable row.

Knit 4 rows in rib.

Cable row.

Now you should have three rows of twisted stitches forming three sets of cables. This little set is completed five times in each sock.

Knit 12 rows in 4 x 2 ribs.

Cable row.

Knit 4 rows in rib.

Cable row.

Knit 4 rows in rib.

Cable row.

Heel Flap
Beginning with 4 knit stitches at the start of a round, knit across in ribbing past 6 cables without the last two purl stitches from the final cable. These 34 stitches remain on a holder while you knit your heel flap.

Knit remaining 32 stitches for a heel flap.

Knit, right side facing you, k1 sl 1. Slip 1, then purl across all stitches on the back side of the heel flap. Repeat until you have done 32 rows of heel flap.

Turn Heel (Directions taken from the Stahl Socka book #9)
With right side facing, knit 21 stitches, s1 k1 psso turn *sl 1 purl center 10 stitches, p2tog, turn sl 1 k center 10, sl k1 psso* Repeat these two rows between *s until all the stitches have been worked.

Knit one row on heel stitches.

Divide heel stitches on two needles.

Pick up 16 stitches along first edge of heel flap, knit across instep, then pick up 16 along the other edge of the heel flap.

Knit one round, keeping instep in ribbed pattern.

On the next round, knit to 3 stitches from the top of the foot, k2tog, k1. Then continue in pattern across foot.

On needle #3, k1 ssk then knit to end of needle. Alternate with a plain row until there are 66 stitches total with all decreases falling on needles 1 and 3 to form the gusset.

NOTE: After 12 rows of plain ribbing across the top of the foot, make another series of three cables as above. On my sample sock, this fell just as I finished the gusset decreases.

Cable row, Knit 4 rows, Cable row, knit 4 rows, cable row, knit 12 rows in ribbing.

Repeat the cable series one more time. Knit as many more rows and you think you need before you start the toe decrease.

Toe decrease: Divide stitches on three needles.

Row 1: Starting at the bottom center of the foot, work to 3 stitches from the end of the needle, k2tog, k1. Next needle (top of foot) k1, ssk then knit plain to 3 stitches from end, k2tog, k1. Third needle, k1 ssk, knit to end of that needle.

Row 2: Knit round without decreases.

Repeat these two rows until there are 32 stitches left.

Then decrease (row 1) every round until 8 stitches remain.

Graft 8 final stitches together to close the toe.

To change the length of the sock, add more plain rows of ribbing between cable twists, making elongated cables, or use more sets of cables.

Copyright Julia Galbus Dec. 12, 1996.
You may share this pattern with anyone you like as long as you give me credit for designing it and you don''t sell it..
Image Copyright Carissa Keil 2001


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