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    Modesty Shrug

    Designed by Kayleen Clements

    Yarn used: Prism Yarn, Flirt in Mink, 3 hanks (105 yards ea.)
    Size 15 needles

    CO 60

    Knit 4 rows

    Starting with a knit row, continue with stockinette until piece measures 29 inches from cast on ending with a WS row. Knit 4 rows.

    Bind off.

    Fold in half long-wise and seam up 3” on both ends (to form sleeves).

    Weave in ends.

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    1. sifis (47 months ago | reply)

      This is a lovely shrug

    2. hylaury (40 months ago | reply)

      very nice. i''ve been looking for a pattern like this. thanks!

    3. Zofia P and yarnovermovement added this photo to their favorites.

    4. Alissa G (32 months ago | reply)

      wow i have been looking for a simple pattern for a shrug for ages! i am glad i stummbled into this! God bless,

    5. clothedmuch (16 months ago | reply)

      Great shrug! nice and modest :D