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Christmas at Sea Program''s Seaman''s Scarf

 Christmas at Sea Program''s Seaman''s Scarf

Seaman''s Scarf
Picture courtesy Renee Ladd


4-ply acrylic yarn - 4.5 oz. Makes one scarf


Pair # 6 (4.25 mm)
Wool needle for joining yarn and finishing garment


5 sts = 1", 7 rows = 1" Garter Stitch - Important - Check your gauge


Cast on 32 sts with medium tension
Knit even (garter stitch) for 14 inches.
K4, P4 for 18 inches.
Knit even (garter stitch) for 14 inches.
Bind off with medium tension.
Please do not block scarf.

Note: Measurement of completed scarf is approximately 6 1/2 " wide, 46" long.

Submitted with permission from:
Ms. Barbara Clauson
The Seamen''s Church Institute
241 Water Street
New York, NY 10038
(212) 349-9090 ext. 257

Image Copyright © Renee Ladd 1999


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