XOXO Hugs & Kisses Cable Baby Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

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Preview This Free Knitting Pattern: XOXO Hugs & Kisses Cable Baby Blanket

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XOXO Cable Baby Blanket For Hand Knitting Or Machine Knitting | knittsings
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XOXO Hugs and Kisses Cable Baby Blanket Pattern

Since buses, motion sickness, and knitting wasn’t my cup of tea, I only got to click needles while visiting with a dear friend near Washington, DC. She is a new knitter, doing great, and wanted a challenge. I got her going with a simple XO cabled scarf for her daughter. I liked the hugs and kisses theme so much, that once I was back at home, I expanded my pattern to make a small baby/doll blanket.

xoxo hugs and kisses cable baby blanket pattern for hand or machine knitting

Hand Knit Instructions

Yarn: Bulky boucle from the stash
Needles: Size 13
Gauge: Not important

XOXO hugs and kisses cable baby blanket hand or machine knitting chart pattern Cast on 82 stitches provisionally with waste yarn. Change to main yarn and begin Pattern 1 starting at the bottom right hand corner, reading right to left. End each right side row with a purl stitch and each wrong side row with a knit stitch.

When you finish the 8th row, proceed to Pattern 2 and complete as many repeat as length you desire, again ending each right side row with a purl stitch, each wrong side row with a knit stitch.

The last repeat is Pattern 3, knitted once, so the top of the blanket will match the cast on row. Again end each right side row with a purl stitch, each wrong side row with a knit stitch.

To cast off, use a crochet hook to latch the free stitches from the end opposite where the yarn is still attached. This way, when you get to the end of the row, you can pull the yarn through and weave in the end to secure.

Repeat cast off on the cast on end, so they’ll match.

You’ll notice that my baby blanket has 4 1/2 chart repeats. I prefer the symmetry of both vertical sides being identical.

xoxo hugs and kisses cable baby blanket pattern hand knitting chart legend

Machine Knit Instructions

Machine with ribber - I used a Brother 260 Bulky
T7-9 depending on yarn. You need it looser than a yarn knits stockinette to accommodate the cabling.

Set ribber to half pitch. With waste yarn and ribber raised, cast on a multiple of 9 +1 end stitch in full needle rib (every needle on both beds). I cast on 82 stitches for my hand knit blanket pictured above. Hang comb, and knit several rows.

free xoxo cable machine knitting knit needle arrangement chart schematic

Rearrange needles per diagram, doubling up stitches where needed and knit a few more rows with waste yarn. End with carriage on left.

Switch to main yarn. Following Pattern 1 once, K 2 rows, transfer stitches by hand for row 3 and K, K4 more rows. If crosses are too tight, you will need to bring up one to two ribber needle(s) into work position per group of cabled stitches one row before crossed row. Drop yarn off ribber needle(s) and return needle(s) to out of work position. With this added ease, cross stitches per diagram.


Cross stitches by hand per Pattern 2, knitting 6 rows after each transfer (includes crossed row). Repeat Pattern 2 for desired length of blanket/shawl.

When blanket is long enough, cross stitches by hand per Pattern 3 once. Knit cross row plus two more rows to complete Pattern 3.

Switch to waste yarn. Knit several rows and remove blanket from machine. Starting at end opposite where main yarn is still attached, use a crochet hook or latch tool to latch the last row loops in chain. Draw the main yarn tail through to secure. Repeat this cast off on the cast on end so the two ends are identical. This simple cast off will follow the flow of the cables and give a slightly ruffled look.

Since I find it easier to cross cables when they are located on the main bed, read the chart as follows:

xoxo hugs and kisses cable machine knitting chart legend

If you prefer to cross cables on the front bed, simply follow the directions for the opposite cable (ie. a Cable 2 Left uses the Cable 2 Right directions when it comes to which hand’s stitches get put back in the hooks first. A knit stitch is on ribber or front bed and a purl stitch is on the back bed)

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July 30, 2007

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I am a beginning machine knitter and am interested in intarsia knitting. I have done 1 using a punch cards provided.
Do you have any directions for creating your own punch card.

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