Rolled Collar Poncho - Free Knitting Pattern

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Preview This Free Knitting Pattern: Rolled Collar Poncho

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Poncho with Rolled Collar

Poncho with Rolled Collar Designed by Clella Gustin


Provo Craft Tools

  • Knifty Knitter Extra large Round Loom (yellow)
  • hook
  • yarn needle

Other Supplies

  • crochet hook size I
  • 4 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease thick and quick large (if you want your poncho longer, add 2 stitches per 1" of extra length you want)

INSTRUCTIONS — Skill level: Beginner

Step 1: Cast on, or wrap, 42 pegs on the blue loom.
Step 2: Knit 2 panels that are 33" long (they will be 20" wide). This is equivalent to about 110 rows in each panel.
Step 3: Sew panels together as shown in diagram. Leave about 22 loops on each side of both panels for the neck. Slip the knitting through the center of the yellow loom, and slip the stitches on the pegs to the yellow loom. Knit 9 rows.
Step 4: Using a crochet hook, do a single crochet around the outside edge and around the neck piece.
  This is a very warm poncho and fun to wear!