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false modesty

false modesty

False Modesty by Cheryl Niamath

This is a delicious stole that will keep you warm while still showing some skin. Knit from one long edge to the other, rows of beautiful hand-painted wool-silk alternate with rows of silk-mohair to form long textured stripes of variegated colour interspersed with airy lace. Make your stole longer by casting on more stitches or make yourself a quick, dramatic boa by completing fewer pattern repeats.  


One size 62" long x 12.5" wide


Handmaiden Great Big Sea (50% silk, 30% wool, 20% seacell; 273 yds (250 m) / 100 g): (MC) Periwinkle, 1 skein

 Rowan Kidsilk Haze (70% Super Kid Mohair and 30% Silk; 229 yds (209 m) / 25 g): (CC) Mist, 1 skein


US #6 (4 mm): 24 inch circular needle or size needed to obtain gauge (note: project is worked back and forth, but a circular needle is necessary because of the number of CO stitches)


17 sts and 26 rows = 4: (10 cm) in pattern, after wet blocking


Tapestry needle.


Pattern Notes

This pattern alternates two rows of seed stitch worked in the heavier wool/silk yarn with two rows of fishnet lace worked in laceweight mohair.  

Stitch Pattern

(worked over an uneven number of stitches)
Row 1: using MC *k1 p1* repeat to last stitch, k1
Row 2: same as row 1
Row 3:  using CC, K1 *yo, k2tog* repeat to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 4: K2, *YO k2tog* repeat to last stitch, k1
Row 5: using MC, *P1 K1* repeat to last stitch, p1
Row 6: same as row 5
Row 7: using CC, k2, *yo, k2tog* repeat to last stitch,k1
Row 8: K1 *yo, K2tog* repeat to last 2 stitches, k2  


Using MC, cast on 255 stitches using cable cast on method

Work stitch pattern 8 times or until piece is desired width [to make a boa, rep patt twice].

Next row: using MC, *k1, p1* rep to last stitch, k1

Next row: *K1, p1* rep to last stitch, k1.

Bind off loosely (try to match the tension of CO row) 


Wet block to finished measurements. It is really necessary to wet block this project so that the lace opens up to its full potential.

About the Designer: Cheryl Niamath

cheryl niamathCheryl Niamath lives and knits in Vancouver, Canada. Her designs have appeared in Knotions, knitscene, and Interweave Knits.  See more of her designs and ideas on her website www.fetchingknits.thruhere.net or find her on Ravelry as CherylN.

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Twist of Fate - Fall 2008


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