Adult Fitted Hat (Straight Needles) - Free Knitting Pattern

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Preview This Free Knitting Pattern: Adult Fitted Hat (Straight Needles)

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Adult Hat Pattern Fitted & Knitted - for Straight Needles
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Adult Hat Pattern Fitted & Knitted - for Straight Needles

    This is a free basic pattern for a hat. You do not need to know how to knit with circulars or double point needles - this pattern is meant for straight needles and the sides are then joined after it''s knitted together.

Hat dimensions: One size fits most. Length: 10"

Items you''ll need:

  • Size 6 (US), 4.25mm Straight Needles
  • 1 Skein Lion Wool or comparable worsted weight yarn, for each color used
    Note:- the example images show two colors - if you make the hat a solid color you will only need 1 skein of that color.
  • Small crochet hook
  • Yarn needle (optional - for weaving in loose ends)

Gauge: When working in St. st, 5 sts and 7 rows = 1 inch

hat front image      hat back image

Body of the Hat:

    Cast on 84
    k 8 rows in rib knit (k2, p2) * Repeat to end
    Optional: Attach a different color to being new stripe
    k27 rows in St. st.
    Optional: Attach another color for final stripe
    k13 rows in St. st, ending with a purled row
    Note: If you want your hat to be longer or shorter, you can add or subtract rows here before you begin decreasing.


    (k10, k2tog)* Repeat 7 times to end
    Next Purl
    (k9, k2tog)*
    (k8, k2tog)*
    (k7, k2tog)*
    (k6, k2tog)*
    (k5, k2tog)*
    (k4, k2tog)*
    (k3, k2tog)*
    (k2, k2tog)*
    (k1, k2tog)*


   Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, and pull through remaining stiches, securing in first loop. Use the remaining tail to join the sides together. If you used multiple colors, use the tails from the color change to join that color''s section together. Weave in any remaining ends.

finishing knit hat image      finishing knit hat 2 image

Knitting Abbreviations

    sts - Stitches
    DPN - Double Point Needle
    sl - Slip
    k - Knit
    k2tog - Knit 2 Together
    St st - Stockinette Stitch
    * - Repeat as directed

Pattern by Janet Ballweber

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