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Cadbury Bunny Pattern

Cadbury Bunny Pattern

I''ve been knitting these bunnies instead of the chicks for the past couple of years.
Here''s the bunny pattern as I am knitting it now. (see bottom of page for changes, suggestions)

Worsted weight yarn (I use pastel, slightly fuzzy yarn like Jiffy),

size 5
double point needles.

Cast on 16 stitches and knit rounds for 24 rounds. On the 25th round, divide the 16 stitches as follows:

4 for ear, 4 for front head, 4 for other ear, 4 for back head -

I use the 4 stitches centered over the cast on point for the back head stitches; .

Knit the first 4 ear stitches, knit 1, either knit the next two together or Slip 1/knit 1/psso.

Knit the next stitch - these three stitches will be one side of the head. Knit the next four stitches (2nd ear) and repeat the decrease on the next 4 stitches,

giving you 3 stitches for the other set of head stitches.

Knit 10 rows of I-cord on the next four stitches (first ear) on 11th row,
knit 1st stitch, slip 2nd stitch, knit 3rd stitch, pass slipped stitch over, knit last stitch - 3 stitches remaining.

Slide stitches to other end of needle, and bind off in knit. Cut yarn, and slip end through last stitch and
pull tight.

Move to other 4 ear stitches; start new yarn. Leave 8 - 10 inch tail on this yarn - you will use it to sew the head stitches after knitting
the 2nd ear. Repeat I-cord instructions on the second 4 stitches for 2nd ear.

Use the tail from the yarn for the 2nd ear to graft or sew the head stitches shut.

Pick a center point on the "face". Cut a 8 - 10" length of white yarn and thread doubled through a medium eye yarn needle. Pull yarn through
stitch at center point, leaving the 2 loose ends for whiskers on one side. Make a back stitch through the same point. Carefully pull the yarn
through.Hold the two sets of "whiskers" against each other and cut the yarn on the needle side to match the first whiskers.

Using black embroidery floss and sew little "x"s on each side of the face above the whiskers for eyes.
Stuff the head with cotton/fibre fill. Use a yarn needle and run the casting on yarn through a couple stitches to neaten up the cast on point. Then
thread the yarn up the back on the inside to about 3/4" above the cast on. Cut one white pompom from pompom fringe and pull out the little piece of cord that
attaches it to the rest of the fringe. Bring yarn and needle up through knit body in the center of the back. Push needle under metal clip which fastens
the pompom yarns together, then stitch back through the bunny body. Pull yarn tight to get tail firmly against body and fasten yarn off. Tie
narrow satin ribbon around neck in a bow. Carefully ease body over Cadbury style candy egg (still in its foil wrapper). Put egg in point first. Bunny
should stand up - arrange whiskers and ears neatly (or not!)

These is pretty wordy, but I tried to make it as clear as possible. It takes me 30 - 40 minutes to knit one, then a few more minutes to add the tail
eyes, whiskers etc. They are fun and the folks I give them to really love them.

Judy Schroeder in Shoreline, WA

Hi folks
Now that I''m knitting bunnies for this Easter, I''ve found a simpler way to do the top of the bunny''s head.

On the shaping round, do the back of the head (K 1, K 2 together, K1) then knit 4 for the first ear; do the front of the head the same as the back,
knit the other 4 stitches for the other ear.
Then do the three needle bind off on the front and back stitches with the live yarn. Next knit stitch #1 of the next four (ear) and slip the last
bind-off stitch over it. Now go ahead and do this ear in I cord as the pattern directs. After finishing that ear, attach yarn and do the other ear.
This seems to be faster and smoother looking to me, than doing both ears and then sewing the top of the head shut with the yarn tail from starting the 2ndear.

I''m making a bunch in brighter colors this year for adults, and following a tip from Arlene (Quanah in Toronto) I''m doing the eyes now with black
fabric paint. Much easier than either embrodery or the glue-on googly eyes I was trying to use.

Judy Schroeder in Shoreline, WA

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