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Hershey Kiss Dishcloth

Hershey Kiss Dishcloth by kgclements.
CO 46

B3 = continue established border

1. *K1, p1*
2. *P1, k1*
3. *K1, p1*
4. B3, k41, p1, k1
5. B3, p41, k1, p1
6. B3, k41, p1, k1
7. B3, p41, k1, p1
8. B3, k9, p16, k16, p1, k1
9. B3, p10, k22, p9, k1, p1
10. B3, k7, p26, k8, p1, k1
11. B3, p5, k29, p7, k1, p1
12. B3, k6, p30, k5, p1, k1
13. B3, p3, k31, p7, k1, p1
14. B3, k6, p31, k4, p1, k1
15. B3, p2, k31, p8, k1, p1
16. B3, k7, p31, k3, p1, k1
17. B3, p2, k30, p9, k1, p1
18. B3, k9, p28, k4, p1, k1
19. B3, p4, k26, p11, k1, p1
20. B3, k11, p24, k6, p1, k1
21. B3, p7, k21, p13, k1, p1
22. B3, k13, p19, k9, p1, k1
23. B3, p9, k18, p14, k1, p1
24. B3, k14, p15, k12, p1, k1
25. B3, p12, k13, p16, k1, p1
26. B3, k15, p12, k14, p1, k1
27. B3, p14, k10, p17, k1, p1
28. B3, k16, p9, k16, p1, k1
29. B3, p16, k7, p18, k1, p1
30. B3, k17, p7, k17, p1, k1
31. B3, p16, k7, p18, k1, p1
32. B3, k17, p6, k18, p1, k1
33. B3, p18, k4, p19, k1, p1
34. B3, k18, p2, k21, p1, k1
35. B3, p21, k2, p18, k1, p1
36. B3, k16, p1, k24, p1, k1
37. B3, p24, k2, p15, k1, p1
38. B3, k10, p5, k26, p1, k1
39. B3, p26, k6, p9, k1, p1
40. B3, k6, p6, k29, p1, k1
41. B3, p31, k7, p3, k1, p1
42. B3, k2, p5, k34, p1, k1
43. B3, p34, k2, p5, k1, p1
44. B3, k41, p1, k1
45. B3, p41, k1, p1
46. B3, k41, p1, k1
47. B3, p41, k1, p1
48. *P1, k1*
49. *K1, p1*
50. *P1, k1*

BO in pattern
Weave in ends 


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meowy takes photos says:

That''s cute! I saw the link for it on the KnittingPatternCentral site
Posted 42 months ago. ( permalink )

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nanahow says:

i am a novice so need some explanatio about b3 is that a knit stich 3x
Posted 25 months ago. ( permalink )

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MommaRode says:

nanahow, I''m also a novice. Did you ever find out about the b3?
Posted 11 months ago. ( permalink )

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MommaRode says:

Yahoo! answers gives this: answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081021 202242AACC4ax
Posted 11 months ago. ( permalink )

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