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tomato baby beanie

Size: 6-12 months
Tension: 19 sts x 25 row  / 10cm
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft Aran
010 Poppy (MC) & 0006 Bud (CC)
Needles: 4.5mm DPNs 

On circular needles CO 72 sts
Place marker to indicate the beginning of the round & join, being careful not to twist
Knit in the rnd evenly for 25 rounds.

round 26: * K1, K9 * around;
round 27: * K3, K5 * around;
round 28: * K5, K3 * around;
round 29: * K7, K1 * around;
round 30: * K9, K1 * around.

decrease for crown:
round 31: *K6, SSK* repeat around (63)
round 32: *K5, SSK * repeat around (54)
round 33: *K4, SSK* repeat around (45)
round 34: *K3, SSK* repeat around (36)
round 35: *K2, SSK* repeat around (27)
round 36: *K1, SSK* repeat around (16)
round 37: *SSK* repeat around (9)
round 38-43: Knit  remaining 9 sts
round 44: K2tog around

Thanks to Dances in Garden for the following correction:

Round 26:  K1, K7 around
Round 30
: K7, K1 around (a repeat of row 29)

Pull tail to inside & shape stem.


How do I convert this tomato hat pattern into an adult size? I'd like to knit it for my brother in law whose a gardener, he'd love it!

This is so cute!! I am going to knit this for one of my directors of my play. Her baby boy would look adorable in this!

What does the abbreviation 'SSK' mean? Thank you for short explanation!

SSK (slip, slip, knit) is a left-slanting decrease.

Also known as slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over.

Just a note. I tried this pattern, and had a problem when I started the second colour. The counts don't add up. For 72 stitches, a count of ten (1 CC and 9 MC for example) does not divide evenly. I made two hats, one with the original directions and one with the following changes:

Round 26: K1, K7 around
Round 30: K7, K1 around (a repeat of row 29).

The one with the changes resulted in a hat that looked like yours, the original pattern created a ragged and misaligned leaf segment. Let me know if you would like pictures of the hats as examples.

Anyhow, the hats are absolutely darling, and quick to knit up!

I loved the hat. i made it but put little seeds on it so it looked like a strawberry!

I just got to the point where I start to add in the green, and I can't make the pattern come out properly either. I wasn't sure the change suggested in the comments would work either, but that may be a math issue on my part! I'll keep trying - the hat is adorable.

isn't a SSK when you slip 2 stitches (hence the SS) and then knit the 2 slipped stitches together??
that's what my vogue knititng book says, and that's what i did in this pattern--and it worked.
nice little hat!!!

Ever hear of Ann Norling? Search it.

Thanks for this pattern! I just made my first hat ever with it. It's very cute. I hope it fits the baby I made it for. Pictures here: Kitt's Knits

Do I use DPN or circular needles? Is it 4.5 circular or DPN? Just checking to be sure I have necessary supplies to begin. Love the pattern!

wtf tomao hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats so gay! u eat tomatoes not werd dem! god! 1 word LOOSERS


I love the hat and look forward to making it. If I were you I would remove FUNKEH comments. They were unnecessary and rude!!!!! Grow up FUNKEH and learn to spell.

Love the pattern - my first hat. But I didn't get the swirl in the leaves with the pattern -- the SSK fell at a different point for me. Did anyone else have the same experience?

Love the pattern - my first hat. But I didn't get the swirl in the leaves with the pattern -- the SSK fell at a different point for me. Did anyone else have the same experience?

Cutest hat but do I use circular needles or double pointed needles? Confused me. Thanks

I posted six months ago that I had photos, but I just gave a link to my blog in general, and those pictures are long gone from the front page.

So here's a direct link. (Click on "Newer Posts" to see the next ones I made):

Oh, actually you can see all three at once (plus yarn and needle details) with this link:

Scroll down a couple posts.

I jsut knitted these up - thankyou for the pattern - I did however knit a few extra rows cause it was going to be way to small and looked like a pipmle on a pumpkin - IYKWIM!

Hey there. I figured out the adult conversion. Just use size 8 needles instead of 6. It comes out great.

I'd like to buy 3 child's and 8 adult beanies. Anyone selling?

Hi- when do you start adding the green yarn to this darling pattern? and do you have the pattern for the black woman's hat that you have on your site ( it looks like it has a brim and may be felted). It is in the photo with two baby hats. Thank you so much. Pam

Did you use a circular needle throughout the project or did you switch to a dpn when you got to the crown? What size needle and how much yarn for a size 18 to 24 month. I love the hat and would like to make it for my granddaughter

Do I need more than one skein (85 yards per 50 gram ball) of each?

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