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stitch marker: a little hat

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September 26, 2005



very pretty baby.


Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. It seems that the needle size is quite big (for me) as I typically use a 4.5mm (U.S. size 7) with worsted yarn. I make a lot of Ann Norling fruit caps. That being said, I usually knit with 72 stitch around (multiples of 8) so the larger needle size may work with 56 stitches. What do you think? Judith in Toronto, Canada


Hi there,

The twist is---accidental. The stitches are done properly, without a twist through the back loop, and I don't always get that result. I think it *might* happen when the stitches are hanging heavily off of circular needles and I pull them more tightly in a different way. That's my guess. I haven't tested it.

Louise Payne

AM a long time knitter, what makes your stitch look like a twisted ladder?


what kind of yarn should i buy to make lilly's hat?


I have made this hat so many times. Could you advise me as to if I wanted to make it bigger for a 1 year old how many stitches I would have to start. I can not figure this one out on my own



Leigh Dunlavy

Are there instructions to make this same hat for a 3 year old?


what age of child does this fit? what size is it?


How would I adjust this adorable pattern to fit a 2 year old?

Elyse Milstein

I am trying to knit Lily's hat for my upcoming grandchild. After I decrease and have 56 stitches it is huge. It seems to be way too big for a newborn baby. What am I doing incorrectly???



i tried to make this, and it didn't turn out like the picture. in the picture, it doesn't look like the pattern would contain all knit stitches, with the vertical line pattern. did i miss something?

Beth Serenda

Could you please tell me the size of the hat, and will it fit 9to12 month olds.


Perfect for my 14 year old! How many would I Cast on for Total 110 stitches remaining?


What a great hat - thanks for sharing the pattern! I used some left over yarn I had and made it for a friend's baby for when she is around 3-6 months old.

If anyone is stuck about measurements, wool, needle size, etc. I posted how I adjusted the pattern on my blog - hope it's helpful :o)


For what age child did you make this hat? I want to make it for a 1 year old wwill it be to small?


I just completed this hat as my very first knitting project. It was the perfect level of difficulty/challenge for a beginner, and it's adorable! I used Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran in ivory on size 10 needles. The finished circumference with this yarn was about 15 inches and looks like it will fit about a 3 month old baby. I found the flower pattern as written to be too large for the hat. I did the two flowers in different shades of pink, but adjusted them to a 4 stitch cast on and a 2 stitch cast on instead of 6 and 4. With that adjustment the proportions were perfect. Thanks so much for the pattern!

donna waters

could you help me with size and gage, I want to make the hat but it is for a 2 month old with kind of a small head.the worsted yarn seems wrong for the needle size please help
thanks donna from michigan


thanks for sharing your pattern. can't wait to get started.


what size would this fit?


I am knitting this CUTE hat on 10.5 needles. My daughter's head is 19", so I'm working with 98 stitches after completing the 2 ruffle rows (my guage is about 5 stitches/inch). Although still on the circular needles, the hat is looking huge! I don't want to unravel, as the cast on alone took a long time (nearly 400 stitches). And I've already had to correct a twist! Shall I continue in the hopes that once shaped by the decreases, that the hat will fit? Thanks for your help.



This hat is just so sweet. I am not a beginner knitter, but, an occasional knitter. I am now knitting a small cardigan for a child 1-2 yrs. with Katia Samba cotton knit on 3.75mm and 3.25mm needles. I may have a few balls of wool left over and would love to add the hat making it a nice Christmas present. Could you re-arrange the pattern for me to fit with this sizing? I would really appreciate it.




Just a note to say THANK YOU for sharing your pattern. I just completed a sweet version during my favorite movie, and my girlfriend will be just tickled to receive it.



I love this pattern but must be doing something wrong for everytime I knit one it almost looks like a doily? Has anyone figured out what size this fits or what the gauge is? Seems so large of a circumfernce? I have brand new twin granddaughters as well as one 16 months old and I love knitting cute hats and would appreciate any help on this pattern.

Kathy Pedone

This is a darling hat. I would like to know how to size up--My mother-in-law is in the hospital for many more weeks and I would really like to knit this for her to wear.

I appreciate your response.



ADORable! what's your gauge?


For people out there wondering about gauge, I can tell you a few general things. The average newborn baby's head is 14", so your hat should be about 1.5" smaller than that in circumference. The average length for baby hats seems to be 6". I used completely different yarn and smaller needles to go with it, so I just figured out how much 11 rows made, and then knit until 6" minus that amount. It worked great.

Thanks for the pattern!


I've made 'Lilly's hat', for a new baby, Hannah - lovely design.
Can I send you a photo?

Jean Hutton

I have been knitting Preemie Hats so I tried
your little hat on 2 sets of size 6 circular needles,
on worsted weight. Very cute.
The measurement I got was about 10.25" circumference
inside measurement which will stretch more on head.
Height of hat sitting on brim is ~3".
Probably large for preemie will reduce CO to 200 next time.


I am very intersted in making the "little
hat" with ruffle, but have the same questions
as many others about what size, age, etc.
this hat will fit with worsted yarn, 10.5
needles, Have these questions been answered
and where can I find them?

Sandra k


I tried this pattern using Merino Extra Fine, but it seems to be too thin of a yarn. Any suggestions?


If I use smaller kneedles will it make the hat smaller?

Marian Hannan

Adorable hat. Want to make it but made sweater out of baby cashmerino yarn. Could someone tell me what size needles I would use and amount of stitches to cast on or a guage.
Thank you

Nan Burrows

I just made this hat for my grandaughter, who will be born in a couple weeks. It's absolutely adorable, and the favorate of everything my daughter received. I am a beginner at knitting and I found, after really following directions, this hat was quite easy. Thanks so much for giving us the pattern.

Warmly, Nan

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