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Dish Towel Tops - This is for crocheting a top on dish towels.


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Dish Towel Top

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This is for crocheting a top on dish towels.
Materials you''ll need:   Two hand towels, 4 plastic rings, one size D aluminum crochet hook and one size 5 steel crochet hook and 2 ounces of sport yarn.

Cut towel in half horizontally, baste a small hem.

ROW 1: Using steel hook, work 96 sc across hem, ch 3 turn.

Change to larger hook.

ROW 2: Dc in each sc across, ch 3,turn.

ROW 3: *Sk 1 dc, dc in next dc, repeat from * across, ch 3 turn.

ROW 4: Repeat Row 3.

ROW 5: Dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.

ROW 6: Dc in next dc, *sk 1 dc, dc in next 2 dc, repeat from * to end, ch 3 turn.

ROW 7,8: Repeat Row 5

ROW 9; Repeat Row 3 - 8 sts.

ROW 10 through 19: Dc in each dc across, ch 3 turn. At end of Row 19, ch 5, turn.

ROW 20; Sl st in top of last dc, turn.

ROW 21: Work 8 sc in ch 5 lp. Fasten off.

To make buttons: Work 25 sc around ring. Fasten off yarn,
leaving a 10 inch length. Weave length in and out through top of stitches.
Pull tightly, taking a couple of stitches to secure. Sew button to approximate middle of 10th Row. Complete other 3 half towels in same manner.
They are easy to do and brings so much enjoyment to those who receive them.

Debbie Lemke <> here is my pattern I made it is dishcloth use cotton yarn ch 40   1. dc crochet 20 rows  then end off sc all around the piece end off or you can use it for a pot holder. Debbie