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Santa Mittens (child 4-7)

Santa Mittens (child)

Directions for size 4-5 yrs.

Changes for size 6-7 yrs.


worsted weight yarn of your choice

1 oz. Each of red(R); pink (P) and white(W).

Steel crochet hook size F (G).

Cardboard piece ½" wide x 4" long.

Yarn needle

four plastic eyes

pompoms  2 White (1" wide) if don''t want to make your own.

Gauge: 5 sc= 1" (size F hook); 9 sc = 2" (size G hook)

Mittens: Back:

with W and size F (G) hook, ch 13

row 1

work lp st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. [to make loop st (lp st)=insert hook in st, wind yarn once over cardboard strip, pull yarn thru st, yo and thru 2 lps on hook]. Ch 1, turn each row

row 2

inc 1 sc each side, sc in each lp st–14 sc

row 3-9

work alternating rows of lp st and sc, end with lp sp row. Cut W.

row 10

with P, sc in each lp st

row 11-19

work evenly, cut P

row 20 and 21 (20-23 for larger size)

with W, work evenly, cut W

row 22-24 (24-28 for larger size)

with R, work evenly

row 25 (29for larger size)

dec 1 sc each side.

Row 26 (30 for larger size)

work evenly, repeat last 2 rows twice–8sc. Dec 1 sc each side of next row. Fasten off.

Palm: With R, ch 13

Row 1

sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch–12 sc. Ch 1, turn each row.

Row 2

inc 1 sc each side–14 sc

row 3-12

work evenly

Form Thumb: Row 13:

sc in each of 4 sc; ch 1 turn. Work 7 (8 for larger) more rows evenly on 4 sc. Dec 1 sc on next row, work 2 rows evenly, Inc 1 sc on next row, work 7 (8 for larger) more rows evenly. Fold thumb in half, sk 4 sc on last full row, sc in 10 sc.

Next row:

sc in each st of palm and thumb–14 sc.Work evenly until piece measures same as back to first dec row. Repeat from row 25 (29for larger) to end of back.


Sew up thumb first. When sewing up 2nd piece, reverse position of thumb. Sew back to palm, wrong sides tog. Make a 1" wide W pompom for each mitten; sew to tip. For moustache, with W, ch 13. Work in loop st across ch.Sew on. Embroider R mouth with a straight st, caught at center with a tiny st. For nose, with R, ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sew on. Sew on eyes.