Morning Glory Square - Free Crochet Pattern

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Morning Glory Chart
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Morning Glory Chart

Designed by Sandi Marshall 9/97

Add to your butterfly afghan this next series of squares featuring nectar-producing flowers and flowering plants, which are an important part of a butterfly''s habitat.

Pattern copyright 1997 Sandi Marshall.
Free for your own personal use only.
Per copyright law, do not sell or redistribute this pattern in any form (even for free). Instead, please give the URL of this page so that others who want the pattern may come to this site to get the pattern for themselves. It makes a world of difference! Thank you. All rights reserved worldwide.

The graph and pattern directions have been placed on a separate page to make these easier for you to print out.

The Butterfly Guide lists the Morning Glory as a favorite plant of the Cloudless Sulfur (Phoebis sennae) Butterfly.

Butterflies are most attracted to the colors purple, orange, yellow and red.

You may wish to provide your own butterfly habitat to help preserve butterflies in your area by planting a butterfly garden. Besides helping to preserve these beautiful creatures, you would gain the enjoyment of watching them in their daily lives. You''re preserving butterfly images in your needlecraft work or crochet butterfly afghan and may be part of the effort to help preserve them in real life as well.

If this is something that you wish to do, help is on the Internet.
Need more info for your area? For those of you in the US, brochures on Butterfly Gardens and Habitats for specific areas of the United States are available at a small fee from the North American Butterfly Association.

To find more information on this on the Internet, do a Net Search on the subject "butterfly habitat".

For hints and a diagram on changing colors in crochet, see the 07/26/97 Feature, Changing Colors.

Links for this complete butterfly series is found at

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