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Bunny Ears Crochet Pattern


Crochet pattern courtesy of Crochet ''N'' More
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Copyright, February 8, 2009
Tisa Enterprises, All Rights Reserved

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Bunny Ears Crochet Pattern

The following pattern is my original design.
Please only copy or print this pattern for personal use.
Please contact me if you find any errors.


Red Heart Super Saver (approximately 2 ounces of pink and 2 ounces of white)
Hook Size G & H
Headband (the one I used was made of wire with little wires twisted that go through the hair.)
Wire Clothes Hanger
Floral Wire
Needle Nose Pliers with Wire Cutter
Yarn Needle

Stitches: ch, sc, sl st, sc2tog, sc3tog


TWO WHITE (using H Hook)
TWO PINK (using G Hook)

R1: Ch8, sc in the hump of the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in the hump of ea rem ch. (7sts) [right side]

R2: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st. (7sts)

R3: Ch1, turn. 2sc in the first st. Sc in ea st across to last. 2sc in last st. (9sts)

R4: Rep R2. (9sts)

R5: Rep R3. (11sts)

Rs6-9: Rep R2 (11sts)

R10: Rep R3. (13sts)

R11: Rep R2. (13sts)

R12: Rep R3. (15sts)

Rs13-18: Rep R2. (15sts)

R19: Ch1, turn. Sc2tog. Sc in ea st across to last 2sts. Sc2tog. (13sts)

R20: Rep R2. (13sts)

R21: Rep R19. (11sts)

R22: Rep R2. (11sts)

R23: Rep R19. (9sts)

Rs24-27: Rep R2. (9sts)

R28: Rep R19. (7sts)

R29: Rep R19. (5sts)

R30: Rep R19. (3sts)

R31: Ch1, turn. Sc in ea st. (3sts)

R32: Sc3tog. (1 st)

Fasten off.


Using the H hook, holding one white ear and one pink ear with wrong sides facing.
HINT: Beginning yarn tail on the white ear is on the right. Beginning yarn tail on the pink ear is on the left.
With the pink ear facing you, join white yarn with a sl st in the bottom right corner through both ears. Sc in corresponding sts around the ear to the bottom left side, placing 3sc in the top of the ear.
Fasten off leaving a 12" yarn tail.

NOTE: The bottom of the ear is still open.

Repeat joining for other ear.


Cut a wire clothes hanger on either side of the hanger.
(at the points where the dark vertical lines cross the hanger in the picture)

Insert one piece in between the white and pink layers for each ear.

Thread the yarn tail onto a yarn needle and use it to sew the ear to the headband.
NOTE: It''s best to finish both ears and then position them on the headband before sewing.

You can bend the wire to achieve the shape you want for your ears.
I had to use floral wire to anchor the ears to the headband on the backside because the ears wanted to flop forward.

For stitch abbreviations and instructions please visit our Crochet Basics page:
Please email me for information on stitches that are not included on that page.


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