Adipose Baby - Dr. Who Character - Free Crochet Pattern

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Preview This Free Crochet Pattern: Adipose Baby - Dr. Who Character

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who are you calling a geek? | audreym’s occasional blog

who are you calling a geek?

adipose baby in dalek cup
To great excitement in our house, the new series of Doctor Who1 started last night. With a new ‘monster’, the Adipose babies. On Dr Who Confidential it explained they were cgi-ed but also they had a couple of knitted ones on set. Ooooh. I have white wool, hmmmm … so after a quick rummage in the oddments box I made one. Crocheted rather than knitted (as it’s quicker and I find it easier to improvise in crochet), I worked on it while we watched the ‘old’ Dr Who & the Daleks episodes.
adipose baby
And yes there’s a pattern of sorts available, in case I am not the only crocheting Dr Who fan around.

Click here for the pdf
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Added 7th April 08: if you’re looking for a knitting pattern for an Adipose, go here for Mazzamatazz’s pattern
Added 30th April 08: unfortunately Mazz’s pattern is not currently available

1. ‘New’ Dr Who Series 4, Episode 1 Partners in Crime

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12 Responses to who are you calling a geek?

  1. Linked this over to Live Journal. You may be inundated with visitors.

  2. Now that was quick! Fabulous….I can see my daughters wanting these!!!

  3. Any chance you might convert this into a knitting pattern for those of us who can’t crochet?

    What ply wool did you use?

  4. I *love* the shot in the mug. that’s a great pattern, and a great FO and I’m INCREDIBLY impressed by the speed! Topical crochet

  5. Pingback: what could be cuter than an Adipose baby? « audreym’s occasional blog

  6. Thanks for all the comments Soneone else has done a brilliant knitting pattern, see today’s post. I used DK wool but the weight of the wool isn’t so important, just make sure to use a hook a size or 2 smaller than ‘normal’ for your yarn to get a tight fabric.

  7. Thanks! I do knit but due to an injury can’t at the moment, but I can crochet and I so want one of these! And my godchild wants one of these. She just doesn’t know it yet. LOL!

  8. Wonderful! I will need to have a go at some of these probably for the small and big people in my life!!

  9. I am having a problem with the feet.

  10. Opps I figured out my mistake.

  11. I’m confused. I’m on the part with the feet and have no clue what these instructions mean. Its the “join to the centre” bit that has me feeling v. dumb at the moment. So, here is me asking for you to explain what you mean…and don’t be worried about treating me like I’m stupid, I probably am when it comes to this. Thanks.

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