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Granny Square Woman: scrubbie pattern 2

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scrubbie pattern 2

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Nylon yarn & hook you like

Ch 4, 17 dc in 3rd chain from hook.

End off. Make a second to match but do not end off second one.

Ch 4 (counts as first dc plus ch 1), and through both thicknesses, dc, ch 1 around.

end off. You are done!

Where do you find nylon yarn? Every where I have been looks to me as I''m dumb.

You can buy toile in 6" inch widths and cut it in half. This will be just about right for crocheting a scrubbie. You can also buy nylon netting by the yard and cut it like you want. Good Luck,

I get my nylon string (not yarn) at the local hardware store, it comes in many colors

if wow gold and maple story mesos wow gold

I found my 6" tube of tulle on e-bay. It sold for $2.60 a spool. I cut mine into 2 in wide.Measure off and use a utility cutting knife found at the dollar store in hardware. They have many beautiful colors.

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