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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Skill Level:

Written by Teresa Richardson
Video Tutorial:
Mittens - Single Crochet Adult

Gauge: 12 Stitches = 4 inches; 14 Rows = 4 inches

Size I Crochet Hook
4-ply Worsted Weight yarn
Yarn Marker - Scrap yarn tails work very well

FSC = Foundation Single Crochet
SC = Single Crochet
Ch = Chain
SL ST = Slip Stitch
EA = Each
ST = Stitch

Note: The purpose of the yarn markers is to know where the first stitch is at. It is easy to lose track when working in a continual round.

I will be providing two ways to start the mittens.

Start 1: 7 FSC
Start 2: Chain 8, 7 SC in chain

Round 1: CH 1, 3 SC in the same stitch, 1 SC in ea of the next 5 SC, 3 SC in the same ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 5, join. This is the only round that will be joined in the project. (16 Single Crochet Total)

Round 2: CH 1, SC in the same ST, 3 SC in the next ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 7 St''s, 3 SC in the next ST. 1 SC in ea of the next 6 St''s, do not join. Mark the beginning stitch with a yarn marker (20 Single Crochet Total)

Round 3-8: 1 SC in ea SC around (20 Single Crochet Total)

Round 9: *2 SC in the next ST, 1 SC in ea of the next 4, Complete 4 times total from *. Add another yarn marker to the first stitch.

Round 10-16: 1 SC in ea SC around. (24 single crochet total)

Thumb Opening
Round 17: Do 8 FSC or CH 8 for thumb opening. Skip 2 SC. SC in the next and continue working in the remaining single crochet. ( 32 single crochet total) Add a yarn marker to the first stitch. NOTE: Even though you are skipping 2 stitches for the thumb opening, you will still include the 2 stitches from the previous round by working them at the thumb joining for a total of 32.

Round 18: 1 SC in ea SC around work over the thumb opening ( 32 single crochet total)

Round 19-25: 1 SC in ea SC around (32 single crochet total)

To Even the ending row: Skip 1 ST, SL ST in the next ST, cut yarn, secure and sew the tail in tail.

Thumb: Attach the yarn to any place around the thumb opening.
Round 1: Evenly work 12 SC around the thumb opening, do not join. The thumb will continue to be worked in a continual round, which will eliminate the seam.
Round 2-8: 1 SC in ea SC around, (12 single crochet)
Round 9: You will do 6 single crochet decreases working 1 decrease at at time over 2 stitches.
When the decreases are complete, turn the thumb inside out, sew the stitches shut, pull together, knot well and hide the thread between the stitches.

Ribbing: 7 FSC, do not chain 1 at the end, turn,
Rows 1-27: SC in first SC, SC in the back loop of each of the next 5 SC, SC in the last SC, turn.
Evenly place the two edges together. Whip stitch the edges going through the back loop where did the single crochet. This will keep the ribbing effect. Knot the yarn well when you are finished.

Sewing Cuff to Mitten: With right sides facing each other, evenly place the cuff and the mitten together. You will be easing the mitten to the cuff as you are whip stitching the edges together.
Posted by Teresa at 11:35 AM


Anonymous said...


I just noticed in this blog of yours that your the same Teresa that taught me how to crochet with one of your videos. I''ve been contentedly crocheting now for about 10 months and just wanted to say thank you very much! I really appreciate your videos and like your way of instruction with crochet.

Kind regards,

A fellow crocheter

January 4, 2009 8:04 AM
Teresa said...

A fellow crocheter,
Thank you very much, I appreciate your comments.

January 4, 2009 9:35 AM