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Index Card Holder Crochet Pattern


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Copyright, February 28, 2009
Tisa Enterprises, All Rights Reserved

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Index Card Holder Crochet Pattern

Index Card Holder Crochet Pattern

The following pattern is my original design.
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Bernat Softee Baby (Candy Baby- Weight: Light 3)
Hook Size G
Yarn Needle
1/2" Button
Pack of 3-1/2 x 5 Index Cards

Stitches: ch, sc, sl st, sc2tog.

Difficulty: EASY/MEDIUM

R1: Ch25, sc in the hump of the 2nd ch from the hook. Sc in the hump of ea rem ch. (24sc)

Rs2-36: Ch1, turn. Sc in FL only of first sc. Sc in BL only of next sc.
* Sc in FL only of next sc. Sc in BL only of next sc. Rep from * across. (24sc)

R37: Ch1, turn. (Sc2tog) twice. Sc in ea st across to last 4 sts. (Sc2tog) twice.

Rep R37 until you have two sts left.

BUTTON HOLE: Ch1, turn. Sc in first sc. Ch3, sc in next st.

EDGE: Do not turn. Sc in ea row end and in ea unworked lp along the foundation chain, placing 3scs in all corners (two at bottom and two at base of the flap). (right side)

Fasten off.

With right sides together, fold the bottom up to cover your package of index cards. Using a yarn needle and the same yarn, sew corresponding sts together along both sides. Turn right side out. Insert your cards. Fold the flap down to see where you need to place your button. Sew button on using yarn and a yarn needle (if the holes in your button are too small you can use a regular sewing needle and thread to attach it.)

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