Stained Glass Flower Potholder - Free Crochet Pattern

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Preview This Free Crochet Pattern: Stained Glass Flower Potholder

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This was designed for a friend in an exchange, she mentioned she was putting stained glass
in her kitchen, and this picture popped into my head.  I have done this one in pastel
colours with a forest green trim, but certainly plan on trying jewel tones with black or
dark grey trim!  Finished size is approximately 8" across.

Materials:  Worsted weight yarn in 6 colours
         Crochet hook size G (4.5mm)

NOTE:  To change colour in sc:  work last st, but do not complete.  With two loops left on
hook, pick up new colour, pull through both loops.  Do not fasten off colours until called

Make 2 sides:

 With green (trim colour) ch 4, sl st to join.
1.  Ch 1, 10 sc in ring, join.
2.  Ch 1, 2 sc in each st around.  Join, FO.  (20)
3.  Join first petal colour with sl st.  Work in pattern of (2 sc in one st, sc in 2) around,
changing petal colour after working into 4 sts of round 2. Join. (27)
4.  TURN.  Work in pattern of 2 sc in one st, sc in 2) around, matching colours to previous
round and changing as needed.  Join.
5.  TURN.  Work in pattern of (sc in 4 sts, 2 sc in next) around.  Join.
6.  TURN.  Increase in each colour section evenly as needed to make 10 sts in each petal.  
7.  TURN.  Increase 1 st in each section.

From here, you will be working in rows.
8.  TURN.  sl st into 1st st, ch 1, sc in same and in next 10.
9.  TURN.  ch1, sc across.
10-13.  TURN.  ch 1, sc dec, sc across to last two, sc dec.  At end of row 13, you should
have 3 sts.
14.  Ch 1, sc across, FO colour.

Repeat rows 8-14 for each petal.

When finished all 5 petals, join trim colour in any st.  Ch 1, sc around flower, working in
ends of rows and in sts at top, having 2 sc in each corner at top.  FO.  Weave in ends.

REPEAT for second side, but DO NOT fasten off at end of outlining.  Hold both pieces
wrong sides together and working through both thicknesses, ch 1, sc around.  If desired,
at top of one petal, ch 10 for hanging loop, then continue around sc.

With doubled trim colour and working through both thicknesses, embroider solid
dividing lines between petals.
Stained Glass Flower Potholder
March 2003, Sally Ives