Five Petal Flower Flat Flower Applique - Free Crochet Pattern

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Preview This Free Crochet Pattern: Five Petal Flower Flat Flower Applique

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crocheted flower tutorial - greetingarts

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Wow, I love those! Have you tried felting any?


Your tutorial is great! And weaving in end *is* almost as bad as sewing up seams. :)


Hey, I think I can actually do this! Thanks Michelle! Another great tutorial.


I'm going to try with my new-found crochet skills.


Thanks for entering my giveaway! And wow -- I just spent about 20 minutes looking at that neat kids activity blog you linked to! Thanks for the heads up -- another one to go in my google reader.... :)

Shelly G.

I love the little flowers... very very cute... I can think of a lot of uses for them:)

frazzy dazzles

Wow! Thanks for the tutorial. I have on my list of things for this winter...learn to knit, conquer crochet. Thanks for the tips! Jen


thank you for posting this! seems so easy and fast. :)


Sweet lil tutorial. Thanks. Can I add the link to the new yahoo group I started for Hand-Dids?


Wow!!! They're adorable! I'm going to give it a try! :)


Fabulous! You make this look quite simple!


Hi! Thanks! This flower is adorable! How can I make the actual petals bigger? Thank you!


i'm fairly new to crochet, but i truly think i can handle this...thanks!!


Thank you so much for showing us how to make these great tutorial.
hugs ginger

Jill Kaplan

very cute flowers. But I'm a beginner in crocheting. What is a magic circle and how do you do it? When I clicked on it, it went to You Tube where I couldn't find the tutorial. Thanks. Jill Kaplan


So cute and easy - I make jewelry and accessories and this is an awesome demo and thanks for the intro to the "magic circle" technique - I can SO use that when I%