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Marina the Mermaid
Sally Ives, July 2003
My 5 yo mentioned she wanted a mermaid doll, and this is how she came out!  It was Allisonâ
€™s idea to make the hair different colours, and it does look a little magical.
Please note:  if doll is played with, pipecleaners will work themselves out.  Pipecleaners should
be used only if doll is a shelf-sitter.  If doll is to be played with, simply omit pipecleaners, arms
do not require stuffing.

Worsted Weight yarn in 4 colours.  I used: A=skin colour, B=lilac, C=rose, D=yellow
crochet hook size F (3.75mm)
1 pipe cleaner
small amount polyester stuffing

Notes: Always join at end of rounds.  Beginning ch1 does NOT count as sc, always work first sc
into same st as beg ch1.  Dec=(yo, draw up loop in next st) twice, yo, pull through all three
loops.  Dtr=double triple crochet: yo 3 times, insert hook in next st.  yo, pull up loop.  (Yo,
draw through 2 loops) 4 times.

To start head and body:
With A, Ch2.  6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Join.
Rnd 2: work in blps: ch1, 2sc in each st around.  (12)
Rnd 3&4: Ch1, sc in blps of 3, both loops of 6 and blps of last 3 sts.
Rnd 5&6: Ch1, sc around.
Rnd 7: Ch1, (dec, sc in next) around.  (8) Stuff head firmly.
Rnd 8: Ch1, 2 sc in each st around.  (16)
Rnd 9-14: Ch1, sc in each st around.
Rnd 15: Ch1.  (2sc in one st, sc in next 3) around.  FO.  (21)
Rnd 16: Join B in blp of st at back.  Working in blps for this round, ch1, sc around.  Stuff body.
Rnd 17: Ch1, sc around.
Rnd 18: Ch1, (dec, sc in 3) around. Sc in last st.  (17)
Rnd 19-24: Ch1, sc around.
Rnd 25: Repeat rnd 18.  (13)
Rnd 26-32: Ch1, sc around.  FO at end of 32.  Finish stuffing.
Flatten ends of tail front to back, making sure blps on head are at back..  With head toward you
and working in blps through BOTH layers, join C with sl st in 1st st.  Ch1, working through both
blps, 9sc evenly across.  Turn.
Row 2: Ch, dc in same st.  2 tr in next, dc in next, hdc in next, sc in centre st.  Hdc in one st, dc in
next, 2 tr in next (dc, ch2, sl st) in last st.  Turn.
Row 3: Ch2, dc in next st.  ch1 (tr, dtr, ch2, dc) in next st.  hdc in next st.  sc in 2, sk1, sc in next.  
Hdc in next, (dc, ch2, dtr, tr) in next.  Ch1, dc in next, ch2, sl st in last.  FO.

Bikini top:
With C, ch22.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 6 sts.  Sk 1st, (dc, 3tr, dc) in next.  Sk 1 st, sc
in next, sk 1 st, (dc, 3tr, dc) in next.  Sk1 st, sc in last 7, FO.
Tack top to body, a little above centre, making sure free loops of head are at back.
With A and leaving about 6" beginning tail, ch16.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and across.  Turn.
Rows 2-4: Ch1, sc across, turn.  FO at end of row 4, leaving 12" tail.  Using ½ pipe cleaner,
fold ends over to make piece fit length of arm.  Fold arm over pipe cleaner, and, using 12" tail,
whipstitch long ends of arm together.  With 6" tail, weave in and out of ends of rows, pull tightly
to close, secure.
Attach open end of arm to side of body just above bikini sides.
Repeat for other arm.

HAIR: Cut several 12" lengths of hair, using one colour, or as I have done, throw in a few
strands of other colours to match mermaid’s fins.  Holding 2 lengths together, insert hook
bottom to top through free loop on head.  Fold lengths of yarn in half over hook, pull through
about ½".  YO with tails, pull through ½" loop and pull tightly.  Repeat in all free loops.  If
you do NOT wish to put a crown on, fill in top of head with fringe worked around sts at very top.
If you DO wish to put a crown on, leave bald spot.
CROWN: With gold, Ch10.  Join to form ring.  Ch1, sc in each ch around.
Rnd 2: Ch1, sc in same. * Ch3, sl st in top of sc just made (picot), sc in 2 sts.  Repeat from *
around.  Join, FO.
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