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(This could also be used as a ring bearer''s pillow)

Doll Pillow

Approximately 7" x 8"


The following pattern is my original design.
Please only copy or print this pattern for personal use.
This pattern has not been tested so please contact me if you find any errors.


Hook: Size H

Yarn: 3 ply Sport Weight Yarn ( I used Bernat and this project takes approximately 2 oz)

2 Pieces of Material : Approximately 6x5-1/2 in a complimentary color.

Matching Thread & Sewing Needle (or Sewing Machine)

Fiberfill (small amount)

Stitches used: ch, sc, dc, cr st (cross stitch).

Cross Stitch: Sk next st, dc in next st; working over dc just made, dc in skipped st.

Difficulty: EASY

PANEL (Make 2)

ROW 1: Ch 19, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. Ch 3, turn.

ROW 2: * Sk next st, dc in next st, dc in st just skipped [ cross stitch made ].
Rep from * across. Dc in last st. Ch 1, turn.

ROW 3: Sc in each st, ch 3, turn.

ROWS 4-14: Repeat Rows 2 and 3 alternatively, ending with Row 2.

ROW 15: Sc in each st, ch 1. Do Not Turn. Do Not Fasten Off.

BORDER: Working down left side, sc in the end of each sc row, 2 sc in end (around post of the dc)of each dc (or cross stitch) row. 3 sc in the corner. Sc in each foundation ch. 3 sc in corner. Working back up the other side, sc in the end of each sc row, 2 sc in end (around post of the dc)of each dc (or cross stitch) row. 3 sc in the corner. Sc in each st across row 15. Join with sl st in beg ch 1. (Mark this side as right side)

Finish off.

STUFFING: Sew a pillow form (see below) to fit the pillow. If you don''t like to sew you can fold/roll up some scrap material to use for the stuffing.

PILLOW FORM: Cut two pieces of material approximately 6 x 5-1/2. Placing the two pieces together, sew a 5/8" seam around the material being sure to leave about a 3" opening. Turn piece inside out and stuff with fiberfill. Now stitch the opening closed.

JOINING: Place both panels with wrong sides together. Sc in each corresponding stitch to join three sides. Insert pillow form (whichever version you decide to use) and keep working sc stitches in corresponding stitches to join the last side.

RUFFLE: Ch 4, 2 tr in same st. Now work 3 tr in each rem st around.

Finish off.

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