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betsy McCall dress

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crocheted dress for Betsy McCall by Lise H.
copyright May 2003

Materials Needed:  baby yarn and an E hook

Instructions:  starting at neckline to make yoke, chain 17

1: sc across=16 sts. ch 3 turn
2:dc in beg chain, 2 dcs in each st=32 sts. ch 3 turn
3: ch-3 counts as 1 dc, dc in first st=2 dcs, 1 dc in
next st, (2dc,
1dc across)=48 sts, ch 3 turn

Now front and back of yoke is done, do not cut yarn.

Next row makes the armholes:

4: dc in next 7 sts (back), ch 3, skip 8 sts, dc in
next 15 sts
(front), ch 3, skip 8 sts, dc in next 8 sts (back),

Next row makes spaces to weave ribbon thru:

5: sc in 1st st, ch 1, ski st, sc in next, follow this
across the
row. ch 3 turn

6: using the v-stitch, work across: dc, ch 1, dc in
each ch-1 space,
ch 3 turn. you should have 18 v-sts across.

7 and 8: work v-stitch in center of each v-st in row
before, ch 3
at the end of row 8, connect to the top of ch 3. from
now til the end
of the dress, you will work in rounds.

9: ch 3, work v-st in each v-st, connect at the end of
the row. ch 3

10: work v-st in each st, but this time the v-st is
dc, ch 2, dc,
this will make increases and make the skirt start to
widen. ch 3

11: in each st work: 2 dcs, ch1, 2 dc and connect at
the end.

12-15: work the same as row 11, always working in the
ch2 space.

end off, and trim as you like.
I weaved ribbon thru the chain 1 spaces and added a
satin rose.

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