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Mud Blossom: Rojo Clothes-jo (?)
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rojo Clothes-jo (?)

Remember how I said that Simon is obsessed with bathing Rojo lately? Well, apparently Rojo''s not allowed to go around the house bare-bummed any more than anyone else is. And since that #@%* Winnie the Pooh outfit is pretty hard to get on & off, Rojo is getting some new threads. Uh, yarns.

So please excuse my taking over the blog for yarning stuff, but I have to publish the pattern here in order to publish it on Ravelry.

Baby Doll Diaper


Row 1: sk 3 ch, dc to end

Rows 2-8: ch 2, sk 1 dc, dc 2 tog, dc to last 2 st, dc 2 tog

Rows 9-15: ch 2, do not sk 1, dc across, 2 dc in turning chain

bind off, weave in ends.

add 2 buttons and use holes between dcs as buttonholes.

That''s it!

Posted by Victory at 9:03 AM

3 comments make Victory happy!:

KAP said...

Haha! Diaper Rojo up baby!

2:15 PM
Cassia said...

Hmmm... that might be a good idea. I know I *hate* having to do up the snaps on Emma''s baby every few minutes.

You''re very talented. :)

1:28 PM
Tamara said...

I am so glad I found this post. My DD has just gotten into dressing and undressing and redressing and undressing and... well you know. She was upset that her babies had no pants and this looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. Thanks!

3:36 PM

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