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How to Crochet a Sushi Toilet Paper Roll Cover |

How to Crochet a Sushi Toilet Paper Roll Cover

User-Submitted Article

I saw a knitting pattern for something similar and thought I''d try my hand at crocheting one. You''re toilet paper never has to be naked again! You will need to have basic knowlege and understanding of crochet in order to follow this pattern.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You''ll Need:

  • a roll of toilet paper (for sizing)
  • a size 4.25mm hook
  • worsted wieght yarn in black, white, and a little bit of whatever colors you have for the sushi filling
  1. 1

    With WHITE ch 3, sl st in first ch to join.
    Row 1: Ch 1 (counts as first sc), 7 sc in center. Join to ch 1 with sl st. (8 sc)
    Row 2: Ch 1 (counts as first sc), sc in same sp as joining, *skip sc, sc in next sc*, repeat ** around (12 sc)
    Row 3: Repeat Row 2 (18 sc)
    Row 4: Ch 1 (counts as first sc), sc in same sp as joining, *skip sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat ** around (24 sc)
    Rows 5-8: Repeat Row 4, you should have 78 sc at the end of row 8. Do not join, fasten off white.

    This fit the top of the roll I was useing. If you need to make it bigger, keep repeating Row 4 untill the desired length is reached.

  2. 2

    With your scrap colors and any hook size of your choosing, crochet along the top of the circle you just made. I free-formed the sushi ''filling'' from the center out, and just tried to make it look like sushi.

  3. 3

    Join with BLACK where you ended Row 8. Sc in every sc around. Do not join, continue to sc in the round untill you have completed 20 rows, or as many is needed to cover the sides of your roll.

  4. 4

    Sl st along the last row of sc made and fasten off. Weave in all ends. Cover your toilet paper roll, and show it off!

Tips & Warnings

  • It didn''t take very much yarn to work this up, good way to clear out your stash!
  • This pattern is fully custimizable: simply add or subtract rows to fit how you need it to.
  • If you''re a fast crocheter, you could whip this up in an afternoon!
  • While gauge is not really that important forthis project, make sure you have a roll that you are fitting it too. It would be awful to have it all done and made only to realize it doesn''t fit!
  • This is my own pattern is not tested by anyone but myself... if someone would like to, that would be wonderful!
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