Mexican Hat and Serape Hot Sauce Bottle Cover - Free Crochet Pattern

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 Southwest Motifs
Southwest Motifs

Mexican Hat and Serape Hot Sauce Bottle Cover
I used a worsted weight yarn with an H sized hook.
I used Brown for the hat and a Rainbow Variegated for the serape, but you can use your choice of colors.

With Brown yarn for the Hat:
Top of Hat-  Ch 4, connect to form ring.  (For a larger bottle, ch 1 or 2 more.)
Round 1: Ch 1. Work 8 Sc into ring. Connect to beg ch.  (For larger bottle, work 10-14 Sc into ring.)
Round 2-6: Ch 1. Work 1 Sc into each st around hat (9 sts including Ch 1). Connect to beg ch. (Add as many rows as desired.)
Brim of Hat: Ch 1. Work 2 Sc into each st around hat. Connect to beg ch.
2nd Round of Brim: Ch 1. Work 1 Sc in same st as beg ch. *Work 1 Sc in next st.  Work 2 Sc in next st. Repeat from * around Brim of hat.
Final Round of Brim: Ch 1. Work 1 Sc in each st around edge of hat.  Connect to beg ch, end off and weave threads.
With a little encouragement, this last round will create the rolled brim of the hat.

With Variegated yarn for Serape:
Leave a 1 inch tail, and Ch 27. In 3rd ch from hk, work 1 Hdc. Work 1 Hdc in all remaining chs.
Rows 2 - 6: Ch 2. Work 1 Hdc in each st. (For a larger bottle, you can add as many rows as you like.) After finishing Row 6, end off leaving a 1 inch tail, but do not weave threads.
Cut small lengths of variegated yarn, and add to ends of serape for fringe.

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Mexican Hat &
Beg: Beginning
 Ch: Chain stitch
Dc: Double Crochet   
Sc: Single Crochet  
Trc: Treble Crochet
Lp: Loop  
Hk: Hook
 Sk: skip stitches
Sl St: slip stitch
Yo: Yarn Over hook