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CD Coaster

The following pattern is my original design.
Please only copy or print this pattern for personal use.
Please contact me if you find any errors.



Hook: Size F
4 Ply Cotton Yarn
Old CD
Stitches used: ch, sl st, sc, dc, picot.
Picot = Ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hk.

Difficulty: EASY/MEDIUM

<Make 2>

Rnd 1: Ch 5, dc in 5th ch from hk. (ch 1, dc) 6 times in same sp. Ch 1, join with sl st in 4th ch from beg Ch 5. Do not turn. (8 dc) <Right Side>

Rnd 2: Sl st in next ch 1 sp. Ch 4, dc in same sp. * Ch 1. (dc, ch 1, dc) in next ch 1 sp. Rep from * around. Ch 1, join in 3rd ch of beg ch 4. (16 dc)

Rnd 3: Rep Rnd 2. (32 dc)

Rnd 4: Sl st in next ch 1 sp. Ch 5, dc in same sp. * Sk next ch 1 sp. (dc, ch 2, dc) in next ch 1 sp. Rep from * around. Sk last ch 1 sp. Join with sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch 5.



Holding pieces with wrong sides tog & ch 2 sps aligned. Join yarn with sl st in any ch 2 sp through both pieces. (sc, picot, sc) in same ch 2 sp. * Ch 1, (sc, picot, sc) in next ch 2 sp. Rep from * around inserting CD before closing entire edge. Join with sl st in 1st sc.


Thanks Jeannie for writing to tell me this pattern was error free.

RE: CD Coaster

Hi Lisa,

I found NO errors with your pattern!!!
I just wanted you to know what a hit they were last year for Christmas. I made them for my mom-in-love, aunts, friends, sister and sisters-in-love and they loved them!!! Now all my nieces and nieces-in-love want some too. I have a wonderfully large family and am one of three who know how to crochet. My sister and I are the ones who carry on the traditions set forth by our ancestors. I taught one of my sisters-in-love to crochet, but as far as I know she quit after making one afghan. I hold out hope for her though!!! LOL Please know how grateful I am for your expertise. I can follow patterns, but, unfortunately, cannot come up with any of my own. Hopefully, some day, I will get that gift.
I''ve taken up enough of your time. Again, Many Many Thanks!!!



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