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Bikini top = Crochet this bikini top using 1 skein Peaches and Cream Cotton size "F" crochet hook >


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Bikini Top

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Materials: 1 skein Peaches and Cream Cotton   size "F" crochet hook  

  (Make 2)  chain 15

Row 1:  sc in 2nd chain from hook, and in each chain across, chain 1 turn.

Row 2-6:  sc in each sc across.

Row 7: skip 1st sc, sc in next sc and in each sc to remaining 2 sc, skip next sc, sc in last sc.  Work this Row, decreasing until you have only 1 sc remaining.  Then sc around the outside of the entire cup. Fasten off and work in loose ends. 


sc from the bottom up the outside of  the cup, then continue on making a 10 inch chain for the strap.  Fasten off.  Do this on both cups.

Make a chain 11 inches long, sc along lower edge of first cup, chain 1 sc across bottom of 2nd cup, make a chain 11 inches long and fasten off. 

Note: I have done many variations on the straps, I have gone back across them with a shell pattern or even sc back across.  There are lots of possibilities.