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Crochet Pattern: Barbie Doll Ruffle Dress

By Rachel – 17 Comments

I pulled my Barbie doll out from my basement yesterday and remembered how much I loved dressing her up. Here is a very simple dress that just crocheted up for her. To make this dress, start out with a rubber band that fits snugly above the doll’s bust. This will help hold the dress up. Then single crochet inside the ring of the rubber band to start the dress. The crochet pattern below will walk you through each round of the dress as you make pretty ruffles for the bottom.

Skill Level: crochet skill level easy

Finished Size: 4 ½” (11.5 cm) long, approximately 4” (10 cm) wide at bottom

Medium Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook F (3.75 mm)
Rubber Band that fits snugly above doll’s bust
crochet yarn size 4

Crochet Pattern: Dress
Round 1: 30 sc in rubber band, place marker: 30 sc
Note: Rubber band should now be completely covered
Round 2 – 5: sc in each sc around: 30 sc
Round 6: (decrease, sc in next 4 sc) around: 25 sc
Round 7: (decrease, sc in next 3 sc) around: 20 sc
Round 8 – 10: sc in each sc around: 20 sc
Round 11: 2 sc in each sc around: 40 sc
Round 12: 2 sc in each sc around: 80 sc
Round 13 – 19: sc in each sc around: 80 sc
Round 20: 2 sc in each sc around, sl st in next sc, finish off: 160 sc

If you need help with this pattern, let me know and I would be glad to help!

crochet barbie doll ruffle dress
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  1. Rachel says:

    What a fantastic project! So much for to embellish and customize! I’ll be linking to this.

  2. Rachel says:

    Thanks Rachel!
    You’re right, there is so much that can be added to make a special one of a kind dress

  3. moonglow says:

    Fantastic! I’ll be making this!!

  4. roberta says:

    Hi Rachel,

    My grandaughter was thrilled with this barbie doll pattern.She was so glad there was no velcro to deal
    she wants more barbie patterns.
    do you have any more patterns for Barbie?
    thanks a bunch,

  5. Rachel says:

    Hey Roberta! I’m thrilled that your granddaughter likes it! This is the first barbie pattern I made so far. I’ll be whipping up some more soon

  6. Tina says:

    I ALWAYS love any Barbie posts and patterns that are shared!! Thanks for sharing this one! It’s really cute!

  7. Tina says:

    oh yeah…. and one more thing…. They are not for my grandchildren. (I don’t have any of those yet!)… The Barbies and the clothes are for ME!!! (0;

  8. Rachel says:

    lol, Tina! I don’t have any either

  9. Donna says:

    I have found overtime, rubber bands will dry out and break. Would a tiny elastic ponytail thingy do the trick instead of a rubber band? This dress is really cute. Gonna add it to my growing pile of “want to make”.

  10. Rachel says:

    Sure an elastic ponytail holder or any other elastic would work too! Just make sure that it fits snuggly above the doll’s bust so that it can hold the dress up.

  11. tara says:

    made the dress it didnt turn out like yours ,but of course i lost count of the stiches once the kids got up, mine had a little flair in the skirt so now it barbies patty dress lol…..

  12. Barb says:

    hi, I’m sorry, this has nothing to do w/Barbie(although her crocheted dress is darling;all I made for mine was snow skis w/popsicle sticks).for a few yrs now, I’ve been trying to find out how to look up dolls that my g’ma & great g’ma use to crochet dresses, hats, and panties for. I’ve looked on numerous sites & I’m obviously not using the key word. The dolls stand about 7 & half ” tall & are hard plastic w/moveable arms and head, but legs are just apart of the body, and don’t move.( from 30′s & or 40′s) Do you have any idea what they’re called? I appreciate your time so much so if you’re too busy to answer this, I understand, I just put in ‘crocheted doll dresses’ and yours popped up. My mom was an avid crocheter(?) & I never got around to having her teach me.She just died over a year ago, now it’s too late, but I got all of those dolls! Thanks so much for reading. Barb

  13. Rachel says:

    Hi Barb, I actually have no clue what the name of the doll would be. But hopefully someone else who is more familiar with dolls will read your comment and can help you more than I can. Good luck finding your doll!!!

  14. Carol says:

    hi Barb:
    Im looking for the same hard plastic doll body. My late mother made christmas tree angels tops and they were on these doll bodies. Same size and hard plastic and they came in various hair colors. The hair on all her angels are just falling apart from drying out I suppose. Please let me know if you find them please. I have looked everywhere also and have not had one hit on them. Youd think someone would know. Thanks so much and good luck. Ill continue to look .
    Happy Holidays…..

  15. Sheri Beach says:

    I love this!! It’s quite summery and could be embellished to my heart’s delight. I wonder with Easter coming if we might see a new, spring dress with a bonnet..??

  16. isela cuellar says:

    Hi!! I too tried to make the dress with scraps and the skirt was really curly!!

    How do you decrease to fit a Skipper type doll? I went down a crochet hook size and used stretchy fingering yarn, and it was still too big.

    Any help?

  17. Rachel says:

    Hi Isela, after round 7, try adding a row like this: (decrease, sc in next 2 sc) around: 15 sc
    That will make it even tighter around the waist.

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