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June 01, 2008


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Jean (doxietrek)

Thanks so much for letting me know the pattern was available. I'm glad to be able to give a little for Bri -- she will be in my prayers. :)


thank you, brie, for your support and generosity.


You are too kind! I will definitely donate a bit to your friend as I have already made two of your patterns and will plan to by your book!


Thanks for the nice patterns. I have contributed to your friends fund. Breast cancer is a horrible thing. It took my mother from me. I will think warm thoughts of my mother as I crochet this bag, and think positive thoughts for your friend.

Mandy Bee

Thanks for making this pattern available. :)

I hope all goes well with your friend. She'll be in my thoughts.


Thanks for yet another wonderful pattern. Your friend will be in my prayers. Words are lost at a moment like this, but in the silence you are not alone. Please let her know. hugs.


my thoughts go out to your friend!!
i'm a brand new visitor here. i came across your blog from ravelry. i must say...i love it here!!! love. it. here!!! you have so many different things, i may never leave!!


Thank you so much for the pattern. The strawberry adaptation is adorable. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Bri. Prayers for her and her family at this time. I hope she recovers really soon. @}---'---


You are a star Brie! (just because) I donated to your friend, both of my parents have passed away already. Not one more person should die that early!!! May she get all the health in this world, and get through this. *patiently waiting for your crochet book now*

Melisa Sriwulandari

Hi, if you don't mind, I'm posting a link to this post of yours in my blog. Maybe you can get more traffic from it.
Thank you,


Thank you thank you thank you!! And best of wishes to Bri...

Deborah Bourque

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Brie. I personally have been battling lymphoma for 8 years and know that the money goes FAST! In these times people are already having money problems between gas, food and what not. To have this on top seems more than unfair!


Thank you so much for these patterns.... I've now got lots of work to do!!!!!!


thank you for the pattern...I will donate to your very worthy all I need to do is find out what a magic circle is!


Gorgeous, Now I just need to learn how to crochet!


Beautiful, thank you so much. Can't wait till your book comes out!!


these are so cute, and I'd love to support your friend, so will post a link from my blog today. Good luck!


Yay Bri,

Absolutely lovely!! Well done.


Thank you so much for posting the pattern. I donated money to your friend. You give so much and ask for nothing, when you do ask.. it's time to step up.


Great new pattern Brie! I just wanted you to know that I selected you as one of five people to receive the Arte y Pico Award.
The award is meant for people who inspire others through their creative spirit. To pick up your award, visit my Blog and read today's post where I talk about how much you inspire me.


I just wanted to let you know, I chipped in $1 for your friend. It's not much, I know, but I know every dollar helps! Thank you so much for all your amazing and FREE patterns, and thank you for letting us give back.


You are such a sweetie, Brie. Thanks so much for your loving support. Now I know why there was a flood of donations from the UK. I would totally buy your crochet book when you publish one. Your patterns are so well laid out. Thanks again.
xoxo, Bri