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Spring Swing Set (Six Year Old) - Crochetville

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Spring Swing Set (Six Year Old)

Spring Swing Set (Six Year Old)

Finished Measurements:
Waist: 22 1/2"

3skeins main color (MC) Bernat Softee Baby 5 oz skiens
1 skien contrast color (A)
1 skien contrast color (B)
F and H hooks (I used D for the flower and shirt trim)
yarn needle and small sewing needle
23 1/2" of 3/4" wide elastic
measuring tape
plain white t-shirt (at Wal-Mart they have some really inexpensive shirts with elastic-type lace around the sleeves-the lace is PERFECT to make your foundation of scs in for the trim!)

NOTES (there are a lot, sorry, trying to make sure beginners can make this too)

Chain one and turn at every row UNLESS it tells you different

If you are working in rows and the last stitch is a ch 1, then ch 1 and sl st in the sc below your ch 1

Joining a long chain is much easier if you leave a longer tail when you make your foundation chain and join after you have made at least one other row. Use the tail to sew up the small gap left. Thank Darski for that tip!

If the first stitch of a new row starts with the ch 1, then tighten your turning chain on your hook as much as possible before you form the ch 1 stitch to avoid confusion

Rows are joined, rounds are not

Working in the back ridge of the foundation chain eliminates the gap left by stitching in the free loops

I work very very tightly, you may need bigger hooks-I will include measurements so you can add or subtract rows as needed

There are no rows on the skirt so join all rounds

Making a skirt out of yarn for a six year old is HEAVY. I suggest using a sportweight cotton.

I did not put a liner because it is so full I don''t think it needs one but if you crochet looser than I do, I would either purchase a slip or make a matching liner in 100% cotton. (you won''t need more than one yd)

When I change color I actually fasten off the other color because I feel its more secure than just changing it but you can do it either way. I would advise weaving in ends as you go.


1) ( [sc, ch 1] in the first stitch, sk the next st) repeat across; ch 1 and turn
2) (sc around each ch, ch 1, sk the scs [the ch 1''s take the place of the scs]) repeat across; ch 1 and turn

Repeat both rows until desired size BUT the pattern can end on either row

Ch 141

-sc in the second chain from the hook and each chain across, working in the back ridge; join in the first sc, being careful not to twist the chain; ch 1 and turn.

Skirt-work in rounds

R1-R18) Work in pattern.

R19) sc in each st across; join, ch 1 and turn.

R20) 2 scs in the first st, 1 sc in the next [2 scs in the following sc, 1 sc in next] around; join, ch1 and turn.

R21-22) sc around; join, ch 1 and turn; ch 4 and turn after R22.

R23) [sk next sc, cluster and ch 1 in the next, sk next sc, dc and ch 1 in the following sc] around; join; change to A, ch 1 and DO NOT TURN.

The following rounds are your repetition pattern, repeat them as many times as YOU want to lengthen the skirt. This particular skirt I did the dcs in sets of five until the last when I did 12 rows

R1) sc around; join; change to B, ch 1. DO NOT TURN AGAIN UNTIL TOLD OTHERWISE

R2) sc around; join; change to MC, ch 3.

R3) dc in the same st as ch 3, ch 1 [sk next sc, 2 dcs and a ch 1 in the following sc] repeat around; join.

R4-7) sl st in the next dc and ch 1 space; ch 3, dc, ch 1 in the same space; 2 dcs, ch 1 in each ch 1 space around; join; change to A and ch 1 after R7.

R8-9) repeat rows 1 and 2.

R10) repeat row 3.

R11-19) Work your 2 dcs, ch 1 pattern; always start with sl in the first dc and ch 1 space; change to A after R19.

R20) sc around; join; change to B, ch 1.

R21) sc around; join; change to MC, ch 3.

R22) dc in the same st as ch 3, ch 1 [sk next sc, 2 dcs and a ch 1 in the following sc] repeat around; join.

R23-R33) sl st in the next dc and ch 1 space; ch 3, dc, ch 1 in the same space; 2 dcs, ch 1 in each ch 1 space around; join; change to A and ch 3 after R33.

Skirt Trim-still in rounds

R1) dc in all st around; join; change to B and ch 3.

R2) dc BETWEEN all dcs; join; change to MC and ch 3.

R3) sc in the next st (ch 3, sc in the following sc) around; join; fasten off and weave in all ends.

Waistband of skirt-work in rounds

Join MC with a sc in any st at the waist of the skirt (I try to match seams). If you prefer you can fasten with a sl st, ch 1 then sc since joining with a sc can be a pain

R1) sc in each st around (including ch 1''s); join; ch 3 and turn.

R2) dc in the BACK LOOP only of each sc around; join; ch 3 and turn.

R3-4) dc in BOTH LOOPS around; join; fasten off after R4 leaving a very long tail for sewing the band down. ( 3 ft or so of tail will be enough)


Take your elastic and measure out the waist measurement you need plus one inch. Cut the elastic then overlap
each end by 1/2" and sew the elastic together securely. A rectangle sew in the overlap with an "X" in the middle fromcorner to corner is the standard method and works pretty well.

Fold the waistband inward at the back loop row. Center your elastic circle under the band and use the long tail to sew your waistband closed. Shove the elastic into place as you sew, being careful not to sew through the elastic. It won''t be a perfect fit because your waist is just a bit bigger than the elastic circle so mess around with the stitching a bit.

Don''t worry, the elastic part of it ensures your stitches will even out. My sewing was a bit uneven but the crochet stitches hid it well. :p

Shirt trim-use your D hook so you don''t stretch your holes and it looks lacy

Hopefully you found the same shirt I did and can cheat. lol Using the holes in the elastic lace, sc around the lace trim on the sleeves-the exact number doesn''t matter. Join to the first sc, DO NOT TURN, ch 3 and sc in the next sc. Continue around, ch 3 and sc in the following; join to the first sc and fasten off. If you have to make holes or sew a blanket stitch then I will be praying for you. LOL

Make any three color flower you want and secure it to the middle of the shirt. I didn''t want a lot on the shirt because the skirt is so colorful.



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