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I made this cape for my daughter''s elderly neighbor -- she spends a lot of time reading or watching television while sitting in bed and wanted something to keep her shoulders and upper arms warm. 

''V'' Stitch = DC, Chain 1, DC

With two strands of yarn -- I used one of sportweight and one of worsted but you can use any combination -- and an ''L'' hook --

Chain 67

Row 1:  DC in 4th chain from hook -- DC in each chain across; Chain 3 and turn  Chain 3 counts as first DC in each row now and throughout

Row 2 - 10:  DC across; Chain 3 and turn

I switch to an ''M'' hook here but use whatever is comfortable for you.

Row 11:  With Chain 3 counting as your first DC, DC in next 17 DC''s; work ''V'' stitch (see above) in next DC; DC in next 13 DC, ''V'' stitch in next DC; DC in next 13 DC; ''V'' stitch in next DC; DC in next 18 DC; Chain 3 and turn
Your work should look like this:


Row 12:  DC in each DC across to Chain 1 space of ''V'' stitch of previous row -- in each Chain 1 space of the ''V'' you will work a ''V'' stitch -- continue in same manner across the entire row; Chain 3 and turn

Row 13:  Continue to work in pattern until piece is as long as you require

When finished the main body of the cape,  trim each front edge with a scallop or other decorative stitch.  Make a chain ''tie'' twice the width of the collar and weave it through Row 9.  

If you have any questions or corrections, please e-mail me --